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Styrene Printing

In the course of the most recent decade, tradeshows and marketing signs have developed from dull to indulgent and eye catching, with the advancements in computerized printing and outline. Styrene printing is an astounding case of that advancement and evidence that awesome Trade Shows, menu displays, and in person promoting can join in excess of one look.


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What is Styrene Printing?

Styrene printing is a great way to produce a durable thin poster economically. It is a small white plastic that is inexpensive to print and extremely durable in both indoor and outdoor environments. Styrene signs are in almost every retail environment. If you have been to the mall, then you have seen many styrene signs used in storefronts and mall signs. We can print any image on your styrene prints and we can custom die cut styrene to any shape or size.

Styrene Sign Uses

There are many uses for custom styrene printing, but the most common is styrene posters. When you print to styrene, you write to a thin, rollable, waterproof, semi-rigid, plastic sign material. That is our favorite product type, custom plastic posters.

  • Retail Signs
  • Church Signs
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Indoor signs
  • Outdoor signs
  • Transit signs

Styrene Printing Options

The Styrene Sizes

Most styrene sheets and polystyrene sheets come in a stock size of 4’x8′ or 4 feet by 8 feet. Some custom oversize styrene sheets can be ordered for bulk or wholesale orders and the largest size is 5’x10′.

Styrene Thicknesses

Styrene sheets come in several thicknesses which can be used for different display applications. The thinnest styrene prints can be rolled up tight, almost light paper while the thicker styrene sheets cannot be rolled as tight. Styrene plastic should never crack or shatter as traditional PVC does. Here are the most common polystyrene plastic sheet sizes.

  • .015 Styrene sheets (15 mil)
  • .020 Styrene sheets (20 mil)
  • .030 Styrene sheets (30 mil)
  • .040 Styrene sheets (40 mil)
  • .060 Styrene sheets (60 mil)

Full Color Styrene Printing

The old process of printing to styrene was to take adhesive vinyl and mount it to styrene. The new process involves a huge UV cured flatbed printer with UV inks for long-term durability. We can print any image, logo or artwork directly to the styrene boards for the highest quality styrene signs. Styrene poster printing is so easy now that we can print up to 100 4×8 styrene sheets in an 8-hour work shift. If you are ordering styrene printing material in bulk, we would use a screen printing production process. All of our prints on styrene are machine cut to give you the highest quality consistent product.

Blank Styrene Sheets

If you are looking for blank styrene sheets with no printing, that is something we can assist with as well. Our blank polystyrene sheets come in 4ft by 8ft styrene sheets and in several different colors:

  • While
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Clear

Styrene Finishes

Custom styrene printing usually comes with a semi-gloss finish due to the ink. This is the same finish you would see on similar products like gator board, foam core, or semi-gloss card stock. Direct print on styrene will last for many years. Mounting to styrene will last maybe 1-2 years before the print starts to fade or peel.

Double-Sided Styrene

We can make double-sided plastic posters by printing to both sides of the styrene. Our printer allows for double-sided styrene printing and the prints on each side are aligned by less than .032 of an inch! If you are ordering 2 sided styrene prints, please be sure to label each side in your .pdf artwork.

Styrene Point of Purchase Displays

Styrene point of purchase displays is very common in the retail industry. Posters on styrene are often used as interchangeable graphics in an existing sign frame. Not only are polystyrene posters inexpensive to print but they are inexpensive to ship when printed on .020 styrene because they can roll up in a small shipping tube opposed to other types of PVC sheets that must be shipped flat.

How to save artwork for Poly Styrene posters

Depending on the size of your polystyrene printing, we suggest saving all files as a .pdf at 300 dpi 25% scaled. If you are printing smaller polystyrene posters under 24″x36″, then we recommend saving the files at 100% Scale. When ordering die cut polystyrene prints, we recommend putting a die line on a separate layer in your artwork so the machines know where to cut. Some high impact polystyrene posters need holes cut for hanging, if you need holes please also include those in your die line.

Poly Styrene Templates

Polystyrene posters are generally printed as rectangles so templates are generally not needed. If you need a template, our designers can create one for you.

What is Styrene?

Styrene is a liquid that can be chemically molded to create sheets of plastic. The plastic is extremely durable because it is not an expanded plastic like other PVC sheets. Styrene is commonly used in printing and consumer goods applications.

What colors do styrene sheets come in?

White, Red, Black, Yellow, Green, and Clear.

Interested in a backlit print? Check out our Duratrans Printing Page.

What is a styrene mounted print?

A styrene mounted print is the old school way to produce styrene where you take a large sticker and apply it to your styrene sheet. The new way to mount to styrene is to remove the mounting process altogether and use digital printing to print directly to the sheet which gives you a much higher quality styrene print. If you are looking for pressure sensitive styrene, this is something that can be digitally printed in-house.

How can you hang styrene prints?

If you want to hang your styrene signage, there are several options. The most common option is to mount .040 mil styrene directly to the wall. If you are printing thinner styrene, then we recommend ordering a ready-made frame, snap frame or another type of frame to hang your print. You can also hang custom styrene signs from the ceiling grid which is a common option you will see in many grocery stores.

What is high-impact styrene?

If you are producing styrene outdoor signs, then we recommend using high impact styrene to avoid breaking or cracking your signage. High impact styrene prints will last much longer than traditional polystyrene. High-impact polystyrene can last over 5 years. These are the same prints we use for our A-frame signs.

What are styrene sign prices?

Styrene plastic signs pricing can range from $5 per square foot to $15 per square foot. 20 mil styrene has the least expensive sheets we can order and 40 mil styrene is the most expensive which is usually about double the price.

Is styrene made of ABS plastic?

Yes, ABS plastic or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene abs is used to make polystyrene sheets. This is what gives white styrene a bright white finish.ABS filament can yellow overtimes with exposed outdoor styrene sign use. This is also known as expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene.

Is styrene waterproof?

Yes, our styrene is completely waterproof and submersible. This is the only inexpensive poster board printing or foam board sign that remains waterproof. For this reason styrene outdoor signage is a great idea for any business and will not yellow as quickly as a PVC sign and won’t fall apart like foam board signs.

Is styrene safe?

Styrene exposure is safe as long as you do not melt or route it into small pieces. All styrene and Sintra PVC can cause kidney damage if used improperly. If you are cutting styrene material or any PVC, make sure you wear a safety mask and safety goggles.

What are the most unique styrene signs you’ve made?

Our flatbed printers have a unique feature of white ink. This means we do not just produce white plastic poster printing but we can print white ink to black or red sheets of styrene. This gives a really cool look and finishes to styrene signage. On top of that, we are able to custom cut styrene to any size and shape for a really cool finish!

Can styrene be used for banners?

A styrene banner is really not something we recommend. Styrene is for custom outdoor plastic signs, not for banners. It will fall apart under heavy wind conditions without grommet support.

Alternatives to Styrene

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