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Table covers are essential in enhancing the visual appearance of tables, making them look neat, attractive and presentable. In fact, they are designed to give a striking appearance art events like trade shows and conferences. Finally, our customized options for table cover printing offer the ultimate branding awareness for each event you attend.

Table Covers Printing

Table cover printing is an excellent way to broadcast your brand in a very striking way. We have many other table display options as well as two printing options:

Digital table cover printing

Digital printing depends on dye-sublimation on a fabric and can consist of 4-colors. Designers can reproduce multiple color designs on a cover without having a separate screen of each story. In fact, digital fabric printing makes this possible. It is effective for making company logo tablecloths and saves time and money.

Tablecloth screen printing

Screen printing is an awesome option if you want to print true fluorescent colors, photographic imaging or in metallic ink. Tablecloth screen printing can be used to reproduce designs and logos that are clean and simple. For a large amount of tablecloth logo printing, we use the screen printing technique for the most effective work. We often use screens as stencils to imprint ink onto the fabric on a table cover.

Table covers size, material, and fabric

Table covers come in a variety of materials, fabrics, prints, styles, and sizes. It depends with where it is going to be in use; be it in a restaurant, hotel, conference halls, school halls, home, tradeshow, exhibition, entertainment venue, for special occasions, office desks, reception areas, banquet halls, or bakery. We offer a variety of disposable and decorative table covers for any use.

Table Covers Size & Style

We have a wide variety of stretch options that are of different sizes and those that we cut to size from a large roll. Standard table covers are a basic design that hangs on the table at the front and at the back. However, there are different sizing options available. The economy size only covers the front and sides while the full size covers all the sides completely. If you need table cover printing for your economy size cover, we will print the design in the most central and prominent area to retain its aesthetic appeal.

The fitted contour table covers take on the shape and structure of any table because of their fitted fabric. Our fitted table covers are among the most effective custom stretch options on the market. Due to their contour fabric, they are only available in full size and work better than the standard options. You can choose from our variety of design samples to see which will suit your preference.

Plain fitted covers act as a slipcover. They are different than fitted contour table covers. The makers fit together several fabrics and form them into a box-like shape over your table. Fitted covers are for rectangular and square shapes. Vendors often use them in parlors and exhibitions. These avenues require having a large working area and table covers can be brand-specifically printed to suit. We print all types of fitted designs with brand logos according to your preference. You can also choose from our wide variety of templates to match your business branding with other marketing campaign elements.

All sides for table cover designs

Four-sided table covers are a good choice if you want all the four sides of a table to be properly covered. These designs help to provide an out of sight under the table storage space. The seamless table drape style is an awesome choice for four-sided tables. They are offered in 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft lengths.

Three-sided fitted table covers normally cover the top, front and sides leaving the back open. They are the perfect choice for events when accessing products, materials or items from below the table. The open back is also ideal for when someone wants to sit behind the table.

Material For Table Covers

It is also essential to consider the table cover’s fabric, texture, design, occasion theme, and maintenance requirements before settling for one. This product helps keep a cohesive look for your event.

Cotton Fabric Table Covers

Cotton Fabric Table Covers are a durable material and can be used for many purposes with many color options. We have a variety of designs and patterns that can be used on cotton fabric. Another advantage of a cotton table cover is that it is machine washable, but needs caution when a certain design has been printed to prevent it from coming off. In order to keep the cover as attractive and versatile as possible, it is essential to iron after use. However, it may at times absorb spills and stains. Cotton table covers can be blended with other materials so as to enhance certain properties.

Synthetic Fabric table covers

The most common type of synthetic fabric that can be used for coverings is polyester. We offer design printing onto the synthetic material. The fabric is also easy to clean and resists wrinkling. 100% polyester table covers are quite effective as they are a wrinkle, stain, shrink, and pull resistant. They don’t easily absorb liquids spills and retain their color and quality for a long time.

Specialty Fabrics

Poly-Cotton and Poly Spun

This type of fabric features an even combination of polyester and cotton. The polyester element in it makes it easy to clean and reduces wrinkling, while cotton in the table cover enhances its softness.

For polyspun table covers, polyester content is more than that of the cotton content. The higher polyester percentage makes the product more resistant to wrinkle, fading and piling while also making it easy to clean. It is more long-lasting than the poly-cotton type and softer.

Specialty Fabrics Table Covers

If you want a cover for outdoor events, specialty fabrics can work well for you. These products mainly consist of water-repellent fabrics like canvas and due to their wax-like protective coating, they repel stains, dirt, and water. We also offer table covers printing on this material keeping in mind that they come in a limited number of colors and styles. We also have a variety of table cover design templates that we can show you before deciding on what you want. These table covers are effective and don’t wear out easily.

Disposable Table Covers

Disposable table covers are plastic, vinyl or paper. They are disposable and are a suitable choice for outdoor events and occasions such as birthdays. They come in a variety of size, patterns, and colors. However, if you want a personalized disposable option, we can show you our variety of design samples to choose from.

Plastic table covers are thin and come in a variety of colors and patterns. In fact, are you in need of cheap printing this is an ideal choice. We print your preferred designs with quick turnaround. Our plastic option will offer you 100% water-resistance on both sides.

If you want to create a casual feeling for any event, paper table covers are a great solution. The pricing for this material is inexpensive and there are many options available for customization.

Vinyl Table Covers

Vinyl table covers are quite ideal for outdoor events and eateries that have a unique look and want convenience. They are more durable and more effective compared to the custom printed disposable tablecloths that can only be used once. Our custom fitted vinyl tablecloths come in a variety of patterns, colors, and prints. They don’t require much maintenance, and a simple wipe over with household cleaning spray is usually sufficient. We offer cheap and affordable table covers printing for vinyl material and can be ordered in bulk. These custom fitted vinyl tablecloth are available in size form and roll form.

Types of Table covers

There are various companies that offer printing products for tables. Thus, you need to be careful to choose a company that is going to do it professionally. Here at Nonstop Signs, we have affordable options that assure you of quality work. We offer professional printing for all types of covers depending on the design that you may want.

Throw style custom table covers are one-piece made of fabric that drapes the top and four sides. It flows freely from the corner and is quite similar to a tablecloth. They are convenient for storing items under the table if they don’t need to see. If in need of a trade show table cover, this can be ideal as it offers an economical, stylish and neat look.

Printing Table Covers

Skirts are another, effective trade show covering that you can use where you aren’t using your own furniture. Vendors also use table skirts for special events and banquet style layouts. This table skirts are normally attached to the table using clips and can be used in combination with table covers. We normally print table skirts either by a repeat print method or by flat panel section style. There are various pleat styles such as shirred, accordion, boxed and continuous style.

Custom fitted table covers are made in a way that there will be no bunching of the cloth at corners. They are ideal trade show accessories They are very effective on the same table time and bring out an elegant look. The fabric helps to eliminate wrinkles and provide a smooth tabletop surface to display any promotional products or exhibition.

Contour covers normally come with a small, reinforced sleeve at the ends, which is then attached to the bottom of each leg making the set-up easy and minimal. Our custom stretch material normally has spandex-like fabric that fits well onto the table frame. The spandex material helps to eliminate any form of wrinkles that may want to form and provide a smooth table top surface. Trade show goers can use this product in their displays.

Why choose us?

We have a wide variety of printing designs, samples, and templates that you may choose from. In fact, we can teach you about the effectiveness of table cover printing designs, log, and graphics for your business.

Customized table covers printing designs are no doubt one of the most effective forms of brand awareness and product marketing around. In fact, you can enjoy the benefits of a modest difference and use them to represent the best means of brand awareness available. If you want to know more about how to order your customized table covers printing, contact us today. In addition, we can provide a sample or purchase your table covers printing directly from our website using our template.

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