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Table Tents


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Table tents are an excellent way to attract customers and business. In fact, they are like mini billboards. Table tents are multi-purpose tools that also highlight and advertise specials, sales, offerings, or company information. Finally, they can be placed on just about any flat surface.

Benefits of Table Tents

  • Effective advertising
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Functional
  • Multi-use
  • Location

Uses of Table Tent Printing

Table tents have a variety of uses. Because of this, they are an effective advertising tool. This design can also be useful in different places. This includes restaurants, hotels, and bars. In fact, any other setting where advertising is possible. Because they are useful as a visual marketing tool, these displays are usually colorful and attention-grabbing. Creative table tent printing makes this possible.

Restaurant Displays

An effective way to show menu options is to use these table displays. They highlight menu promotions and specials to the consumer.

Dessert signage is a classic example of an upsell. Seeing an eye-catching display of desserts offered by your restaurant in the middle of the table entices patrons to consider an option which they might not have before.

Advertising Events and Special Promotions

Hotels often use these displays for many reasons. Placing one in a strategic location helps get useful messages across. Table tents can be useful to display important messages and signs, for example, No Smoking, as well as promotions, discounts or specials. Custom displays are a powerful way to use your logo as a branding tool when offering promotions. This could be on the printed card itself, or the holder you use.

Table Tents For Special Occasions

Custom cards can be printed for special events, such as table numbers or seating arrangements at a wedding or conference. Photo cards can be great for these events too! Photos make for a great conversation piece in the middle of a table. They are a great way to make an event even more extraordinary.

This product is easy to make and can be as simple or elaborate as you need. There is a lot of choice in material, size and shape that make for a flexible way to advertise.

Types of Table Tents

There are many different types of table tents and materials to consider when making your choice.

The cardboard option is made by folding a piece of cardboard which stands upright and can support itself. The die-cut slits in the base enable the pieces to interlock. This then forms a freestanding triangle. A pro of this design is the ability to stand on its own. However, these designs can quickly sustain damage if handled roughly.

The plastic option provides more durability than cardboard. You can reuse plastic models over again, and even change out the advertising in the frame. The plastic in these designs can be clear, tinted or even a solid color. These are usually the design of choice in bars and restaurants because new promos can be interchanged easily. They can also be two, three or four-sided depending on preference.

You also have the option of acrylic. Some of the benefits include durability, low cost, and versatility. These options are also usually customizable and easy to handle.

Custom Table Tent Printing

Although the above methods of printing are the most common, you might prefer to create your own design. You can create custom designs by using templates. Simply choose the style and produce your own design. In addition, you can choose any size to print your display. In fact, when you use custom printing, you can include high-quality photos. We recommend adding the same design to both sides to impact traffic more strategically.

Making a Table Tent Using Microsoft Word

Our table tent printing service offers many services from blank designs for customers to use as well as custom options. Another option is to make a draft using Word to give us an idea of what you want. This is achievable by following the steps outlined below:

Open Microsoft Word, and open a New template:

  • The Search Microsoft Office Online for a template, an option should be available, or you can type it in your search.
  • Search for table tents in the search bar
  • Download the template in order to edit it
  • You can then select all the text and type in your own customized content, that you would like to see on the outside of the template
  • You then have the choice to add graphics or pictures and edit to suit your own needs, depending on your own personal preferences
  • Save the design to your pc, and send to NonStop Signs for printing

Table Tent Printing Design

Table tents printing is an effective tool to create some brilliant marketing options. These are very effective and powerful at enticing customers to establishments or advertising products and services. When you strategically plan and create table tent advertisements using our table tent printing services, it can drastically improve your chances of reaching out to your intended audience and target market.

There are some key points to remember when designing your own custom table tents printing, buying blank table tents, or even using photo table tent printing. You need to use these marketing tools effectively in order to get a good return on your investment:

  • Know your audience – research and provide a powerful marketing tool that speaks to your audience
  • The offer should be one which the customer can’t resist, as well as a good call to action
  • Ensure that the creative table tents printing employs creativity and is different from the rest of the table tents being used for the same purpose. This includes photo table tent printing, three-sided table tent printing, large or small table tent printing.

Choose Us For Table Tent Printing

If you or your business requires a professional, efficient and highly reputable table tent printing service, you can conveniently place an order by using our online checkout system. You can also use our free template for printing table tents to create your own designs. Or call us on 800-205-9005 to discuss a completely customized table tent printing run.


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