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Teardrop Flags


Custom Teardrop Flags

    • Custom Teardrop Banners in 4 sizes
    • Teardrop banners with quick turnaround time
    • Any color, logo or image digitally printed on your custom teardrop banner

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Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are great for any advertising or event promotions.  Teardrop flags are easy to setup, tear down and take up a low storage footprint. Once you order a set of hardware for your teardrop flags, you can create as many interchangeable flags as you would like.  Setup for your teardrop flags should take less than 90 seconds.  We can print custom teardrop flags in under 1 week or as quickly as next day if you need your teardrop flags rushed.


Our teardrop flags come with the following options:

Small Teardrop Flag: 8.2′ Tall

Medium Teardrop Flag: 11′ Tall

Large Teardrop Flag: 14.5′ Tall

Extra Large Teardrop Flag: 15.75′ Tall

Single & Double Sided Teardrop Flags

Every custom teardrop flag order comes with a free carrying bag


How do I setup my Teardrop Flag?

Setting up your teardrop flag should be a quick and easy process.  Simply extend your teardrop flag pole, insert the teardrop banner then place on the base stand.  Keep in mind that your teardrop flag is considered a temporary custom outdoor flag and should be kept indoors at night.  If there is high wind or other extreme weather conditions, we recommend removing your teardrop flag and bringing it indoors.  When taking apart your teardrop flag, be sure to fold the teardrop banner to avoid any potentials wrinkles.

What colors can I print on my Teardrop Banner?

Your teardrop banner flag is printed using a full-color digital process.  This process allows us to print any color you can dream of onto your teardrop banner.  We can also print any image or logo to your teardrop banner flags.  The teardrop banner itself can move a lot in the wind so we recommend keeping your design simple.  Using 1 or 2 colors and a big logo on your teardrop banner will offer the best advertisement.


Are Teardrop flags the best option for vertical flags?

When looking at vertical flags for sale on the market, you will see many different types of custom flag banners.  We find that teardrop flags are the best vertical flags because they are so easy to set up.  Vertical flags come in different price ranges and these are by far the cheapest custom flags because they use less banner fabric.  If you are looking for long-term, permanent vertical flags then we suggest looking at different outdoor banner flag options.

How long does it take to create teardrop banners?

Our standard lead time for teardrop banners is 5 business days.  If you need your custom teardrop banners in a rush, we can produce them in under 24 hours but a rush fee may apply.  For orders over 25 teardrop banners, please give us 10 business days to produce your signs.  If your order is for over 100 teardrop flags, we offer wholesale teardrop banner pricing.  To ensure we can get your order produced quickly, please have your teardrop banners designed by a professional graphic designer.


How do you setup the artwork for tear drop flags?

We recommend having a professional designer produce the design for your tear drop flags.  If you do not have a graphic designer, our design team can help prepare the artwork for your tear drop flags for a small fee.  When you submit print ready artwork for your tear drop flags, our design team will double check the files for free to make sure the teardrop banners print properly.  Please submit the files for your tear drop flags at 300 DPI and saved as a .pdf or a vector file saved as an .ai.


How do I clean my tear  drop banner?

Chances are you will get your tear drop banner dirty when using it as an outdoor sign.  When your custom tear drop banner needs cleaning we recommend taking it to a dry cleaner.  Dry cleaners can steam clean your tear drop banner and the ink should not run or fade if cleaned properly.  Do not clean your tear drop banner with any chemincals.  Putting your tear drop banner in your washing machine will ruin the custom print.

What does my tear drop flag order come with?

All tear drop flag orders come with a custom teardrop flag print, a fiberglass pole, a steel base stand or a stake stand and a bag for storage and transportation.  We can also sell these a la carte so if you just need a tear drop flag without the hardware that is fine.  If you lose your hardware and need a new set of hardware without the tear drop flag banner that is completely fine.  Just give us a call or an email and we can have your tear drop flag stand shipped within a few days.


What is the best use of my teardrop sign?

Teardrop signs are best used indoors for events such as tradeshows or retail environments.  Your teardrop sign will still work well for outdoor signs, you just need to bring them inside every night.  We recommend using the small teardrop sign for indoor use and the large teardrop sign for outdoor use.  If you want to make a huge statement then we suggest using the extra large teardrop sign.


Can you produce double-sided teardrop flags?

All of our teardrop flags are double-sided however they are printed in 2 different ways.  The standard way is where we print on 1 side of the teardrop flags then it bleeds to the other side.  If you want to print true double-sided teardrop flags then we actually print 2 single-sided teardrop flags and few them together.  95% of the custom teardrop flags we produce are printed using our standard method.


Do you have a Teardrop Template that I can use for my design?

To make your teardrop flag design easy, we have created a teardrop template for every size we offer.  Please note that there is a different teardrop template for single and double-sided teardrop flags.

Small Single Sided Teardrop Flag Template

Small Double Sided Teardrop Flag Template

Medium Single Sided Teardrop Flag Template

Medium Double Sided Teardrop Flag Template

Large Single Sided Teardrop Flag Template

Large Double Sided Teardrop Flag Template

Extra Large Single Sided Teardrop Flag Template


Teardrop flags are not what you are looking for?  Check out our custom Feather Flags Page.

Want a custom quote? Email us Info@nonstopsigns.com.



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