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Temporary Tattoos


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Custom Tattoos Labels Design

There are a wide variety of reasons that you may be interested in creating custom temporary tattoos. DIY temporary body ink is popular at music festivals and other cultural events. Additionally, high-quality temporary tattoos can help people decide whether they like a particular design or placement before committing to something a little more permanent.

Getting a permanent tattoo is a major decision. It isn’t just an expensive piece of art; it’s a lifelong commitment. Sometimes, tattoos seem like a good idea in theory. Then, once they are done you decide the design isn’t right or, that another location would have worked. While temporary designs for adults are growing in popularity, kids have been all-in with them for decades.

Temporary Tattoos Design

Of course, the standard temporary tattoos are simple and in a single color. However, we can create intricate designs, too. We can also use a variety of colors. We can easily create the design from a photo or drawing. It’s essential to us that our custom temporary ink tattoos are high-quality and made to last. Which is why we only use high-quality inks to create your design. A unique way to use temporary print tattoos is for contact information. For example, if there are large groups of people and you’re worried about someone getting lost, create custom temporary ink with a phone number. This is ideal for kids heading on field trips. Or, adults with no sense of direction.

So far, our discussion about these has revolved around using them on your body. However, you can also use custom temporary tattoos bulk on any smooth surface. It’s a cool and unique way to decorate items for music festivals, parties, and even weddings. Not only are our temporary tattoos fully customizable, but they’re also waterproof! So, you don’t need to worry about covering your tattoo when you shower.

Design Your Own Temporary Tattoos

There are plenty of options available to you as you design your temporary tattoos. You can order glow in the dark ink or even metallic ink. It’s possible to go white or glittery, of course, you can stick with the traditional style, too. There are so many different other options, also. You can create custom designs in the gradient design or patterned, flood or spot. If it’s dot work that you are interested in, we can also help you create that. Which means you can create your temporary tattoo online to suit any event. If it’s a rave you can go with a super colorful, glow in the dark number. If it’s a medieval fair, then you can create a style that will reflect the event.

Custom Temporary Tattoos

You may have tried DIY temporary tattoo paper already. Or, you may be searching for how to create your own DIY temp tattoo. Here’s the thing: you could go for a temporary tattoo paper Michaels. You could also try to make your DIY temporary tattoos with wax paper. Or, you could find a temporary tattoo online and print it. Creating DIY temporary tattoos parchment paper is possible. Want to know how to make a temporary tattoo with deodorant? Forget about it. If you want a temporary tattoo DIY long lasting then you won’t DIY it, you’ll let us do it for you. Why?

Firstly, you may know how to make a temporary tattoo with printer ink. However, your home printer may not be the highest of quality. Nor will your ink be the same quality of ink that we use. So, the lines and colors that are included in your design may not print clearly. If you want a custom temporary tattoo that look like the real deal, then you should let the professionals handle it. Our printers are calibrated, and we use special paper, ink, and printers, too. It may seem like a home job is cheaper and good enough, but it’s more cost-effective to let us do it for you. Plus, with our editor, you can create epic gradients and include the detail you want.

Temporary Tattoos Custom

We already mentioned how much children love temporary tattoos. You may be wondering if ours are safe for use on children. They are. We only use non-toxic ink, which means they are entirely safe for use on children. If you plan to print temporary ink for your child’s party, then you may want to alert other parents to your proposed activity. We haven’t carried out any scientific studies, but we’re pretty sure that custom temporary tattoo makes every party better.

Moreover, they’re an incredibly useful promotional tool for businesses. You can apply your business logo and contact information to any smooth surface. Or, you can hand out the custom temporary tattoo to promote your new business. They are an affordable handout.

Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos

So, how long can you expect these to last? Well, that all depends. Creating long-lasting temporary tattoos is possible. How long lasting? Well, how about a temporary tattoo that lasts six months? It’s also possible to develop those that will last a week or two. The latter, of course, is perfect for children’s parties. However, for people who want to try on a tattoo for size before they commit to the real thing, the long-lasting temporary tattoo is a great idea. You can see how employers react and how you feel about the design and placement. It’s an affordable way to get a test run on a design before you spend the cash to have a permanent version completed.

Custom Tattoos

There are a few other housekeeping issues that we want to clear up before you design your temporary tattoos. They don’t take long to apply; you can have it in place in less than a minute. In addition to a smooth application, temporary tattoo is also easy to remove. All you need is rubbing alcohol (or baby oil) as well as cotton balls. This will remove the custom temporary tattoo quickly and efficiently. However, soap and warm water will be enough to take it off eventually if you are happy to wear it as long as the detail lasts. Custom tattoos are easy to customize, too. You can add text, choose different colors and even create gradients. You can select a stock image and completely customize it! Don’t worry; you can bring your designs and ideas to the table, too. We are more than happy to go completely custom!

Where To Buy Temporary Tattoos

Do you already have a design in mind? Then we are the printing company for a temporary tattoo that you have been looking for. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated or straightforward your design is. We know how to make a temporary tattoo that you can be proud of.

Get in contact with us today to discuss your customized temporary tattoo. You can call us at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on the website. Our trained technicians will be happy to assist you in the order process and answer any queries that you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us via email. If you email us, you can include any images or artwork that you want to use for your custom temporary tattoos Etsy. Temp tattoos printing is just one of the services that we offer. If you are holding an event, we can also print flyers, flags, banners, and more! We have what it takes to elevate your event to the next level.


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