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Tension Fabric Stands


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First of all, what are the tension fabric stands? Quite simply, they are a fabric banner display stand that is straightforward to assemble. They feature an aluminum frame that snaps into place. Then the tension fabric walls slip over the stand to display your signage. Once your tension fabric display is in place, it zips at the bottom. This keeps it secure and in place. Fabric banner stands are the perfect solution for trade shows, exhibitions, malls kiosks, conferences, the point of purchase, and even vendor locations. They are truly versatile and with fabric racks and stands you can easily assemble, disassemble, and pack away for portability.

Fabric Banner Stands

When we formulate tension fabric we use a dye sublimation process to print. This infuses the inks into the material, producing a truly stunning and vibrate design that will last for years to come. Once you have your fabric banner stands you’ll see just how easy they are to assemble. You’ll be done in under 10 minutes. We provide full and detailed instructions for assembly with your order. Your tension fabric stand also comes with a handy carrying case. That means your tension banner stand is easy to transport from event to event.

It’s important to note that the fabric banner stands go by many names. So, if you have been in search of EZ tube displays, stretch stands or fabric tube stands, you have found them. They are all the same thing as our fabric banner display stand. What is important is the product you get. When you choose our fabric displays, you get a display stand that fits your stretch fabric.

Fabric Banner Display Stand

We mentioned above that your tension fabric stretches. The reason for this is that we use an elastic polyester. This provides for a bit of stretch so it easily slides onto your fabric banner stands. This is entirely different from the material used when creating our standard vinyl banners and fabric banners. The stretch is something unique to tension fabric displays.

We have some recommendations to make the design process a bit easier for your tension fabric display. You don’t want to fill the entire area will text or design, as it may be cut off when we print the design onto your fabric displays. It’s important to take the bleed into consideration, so if you aren’t sure about sizing, etc. please contact us to discuss your preferred size and how best to avoid bleed. We want to ensure your fabric display stands are perfect.

Custom Tension Fabric Displays

If you are in the market for a backdrop then technically, our custom tension fabric displays can be used for this. However, it’s difficult to create a complete product using fabric banner stands. So, if you want a backdrop for photography purposes, you should look at our step and repeat banners instead. We also produce a pop-up display that may be better suited to photo backdrops than our fabric display stands.

We offer a wide range of printed products, and they cover pretty much every need. So, while our custom tension fabric displays are amazing, they might not meet your specific needs. If you aren’t sure which type of product is right for you, then get in contact with us. We are happy to talk you through the various uses of our products and ensure you get the right fabric displays.

Fabric Display Stands

We only use one type of material when creating a fabric tension display. We believe that this is the right option for this particular displays tension. It is the perfect weight and thickness to hold your images and text, thus we do not offer alternative thicknesses or weights with our tension fabric walls. We offer various options in most of our products, but sometimes taking customization too far can affect the appearance of a fabric tension display. We are always happy to advise you on the best options to ensure the best possible final product.

If you are looking for something thicker than our tension fabric walls then one of our other products may be more suitable for you. Contact us to discuss what it is you want to create and we will be happy to offer guidance and advice. Let us know what type of plans you have for a fabric tension display so we can determine whether it’s the right signage solution for you.

Outdoor Banner Stands

While fabric banner stands are highly versatile, we don’t generally recommend them for use as outdoor banner stands. However, if you do want an outdoor banner stand, we have plenty of options that will suit your needs. You can contact us directly to discuss what options are available for banner stands outdoor. We have plenty of options, including outdoor retractable banner stand. The difference between these and standard fabric banner stands? Durability. When we create outdoor banner poles and stands we take the weather into consideration. They are a bit heavier and can resist wind and rain. Don’t worry, we offer outdoor banner stands wholesale. It’s difficult to weight the frame to ensure it can withstand windy conditions. Additionally, placing fabric display stands outside will shorten its lifespan. The wind may also cause your fabric tension stand to take flight, so stick with the other signage options we offer.

Tension Fabric Display

We pointed out how easy it is to assemble and disassemble a fabric tension display. This is one of the reasons it’s a popular option for people who travel for work. The base itself weighs under 15 pounds, which makes it an easily portable signage solution. Provided you take proper care of your fabric stand you can expect it to last around three to four years. Even with frequent use, you can expect the fabric to maintain its elasticity. When it comes to sizing, we do offer two different sizes of tension fabric walls. The fabric stand itself is not adjustable, it will not work with a smaller graphics (or a larger one).

What we can offer when creating your fabric tension display is double-sided printing. Just let us know when you place your order that you want double-sided printing. You can stick with the same design on both sides of your stretch fabric display booth or opt for something different. It’s up to you. Additionally, it should be noted that tension fabric walls let very light bleed through, as they are not designed for transparency. However, if you place bright lights in the path of your tension fabric banner stands it may shine through.

Retractable Banner Stands

You have chosen your retractable banner stands, you have your product now what? Well, the good news is that you don’t need tools to assemble your tension fabric banner stands. Fabric display stands feature eight poles, which are numbered for easy assembly. They simply snap into place. You’ll then need to screw the bottom pole into the frame (don’t overdo it as it can damage the connecting pieces). Now you have the frame for your tension fabric walls. Slip the fabric tension over the top of the frame. Be sure to do so carefully to avoid bunching or snagging. Once it’s in place you can zip it at the bottom, which will pull it taut and secure it fully.

What about storage? Well, to keep your fabric banner stands safely always first disassemble it. You should store the rolling tv stand in the case that is provided. The tension fabric banners, meanwhile, should be carefully folded to avoid tearing. If your fabric tension has picked up wrinkles in transport, don’t worry. Once you fully assemble your fabric banner stand and place the fabric tension display it will ease our wrinkles. If that doesn’t work, you can simply use a handheld steamer. However, you should never iron tension fabric banners. Nor should you attempt to put them in the tumble dryer. This will lead to permanent damage to your fabric display stands. You can, however, toss your tension fabric walls into the washing machine. Just choose a cold, low-spin cycle and avoid using bleaches and detergents. Let your tension fabric walls air dry.

Fabric Racks and Stands

Whatever fabric banner stands you are in the market for, we can formulate tension fabric. Whether you need roll stands or simple tension fabric banners, we can help. Contact us to get started on your tension fabric stand. You can use the live chat option on our website or call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can email us. If you do choose to contact us by email, please include as much information about your order as possible. It means that we can produce an accurate quote for you. In addition to fabric banner stands, we offer a wide range of printed products. If you need signage, we can handle it. Business cards? Those, too. Flags and brochures? Yes, we can tackle all the promotional materials you need. Get in contact for more information and get started on your one-stop marketing shop.


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