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Tote Bags


What accessory is more practical than canvas tote bags? Now, you can personalize them in any way you wish. Custom tote bags are the perfect way to surprise clients, customers, friends, and more. Not only are wholesale tote bags an excellent gift for clients and employees, but they’re an amazing way to advertise your business. They’re easy to wash, you can fold them away and store them easily, and printed tote bags are a great solution for shopping, packing lunches, and even heading to the beach.

First, what is a tote bag? Canvas tote bags are the ultimate in promotional products – they’re functional and can be used over and over. In addition to packing your lunch or heading to the beach, just think about students taking your personalized canvas to the library, where all of their fellow students will spy them. You can add your logo to tote bags along with all of the relevant information so potential customers can find you easily.

Canvas Tote Bags as Gifts

If you are looking to create unique gifts then personalized zippered tote bags are a genius wedding favor or even as a gift to welcome guests from out of town. Now that you can purchase tote bags wholesale buying gifts for your loved ones has never been more affordable.

Personalized Tote Bags

Thinking about buying blank tote bags for screen printing? Let us help you with your custom tote bags. Just look at what you can do with these amazing little bags.

  •         Tradeshows – Why not create your own promotional tote bags to sell and/or giveaway at trade shows? They’re such a handy tool for people that you’re bound to get your brand on show when you make personalized tote bags.
  •         Party favors – It doesn’t matter what type of party you’re throwing, tote bags are a great party favor – whether you add stuff to them or simply add them to the favor bag itself. The personalized bag doesn’t have to relate to the party itself, you can design whatever creation you like.
  •         Business events – Heading to a big conference and looking to network? What better way to be remembered than by coming with your own custom tote bags.
  •         Charities – A lot of non-profits already make their own t-shirts and sell and give them away. Tote bags are the next logical step to remind people of what you do.
  •         Wedding favors – How about custom tote bags wedding? Whether it’s as a favor to remind people of your big day – or as thank you gifts for your wedding party and family.
  •         Giveaways – Buy wholesale tote bags and use them for raffles and other giveaways. Think of printed tote bags as free advertising. You may have to initially pay for the product, but the length of time people use your tote bag and the places they will take it mean your personalized totes will pay for themselves.
  •         Church events – Holding a big church event, bake sale or a big conference? Why not create

personalized bags with your church’s information on them, along with your favorite quote from scripture. It’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Custom Reusable Bags For Shopping

Be honest, how often do you see custom printed canvas tote bags when you’re shopping at the farmer’s market or putting your groceries in the trunk of your car? All the time, as people grow more eco-friendly and environmentally aware, custom reusable bags are a must. They’re already being used widely, why wouldn’t you want people to be putting your brand out there by using your personalized tote bags?

Promotional Bags

One of the reasons that personalized tote bags are so popular is because in addition to being reusable they can be incredibly stylish and great to use as promotional bags. This isn’t a gift or freebie that people will be quick to ditch, they’ll use their new printed tote bags over and over again. If you’re a restaurant you could use custom reusable bags for takeout and delivery orders – people will reuse them and you can sit back knowing everyone is seeing your brand. For this reason, you should buy your personalized canvas tote bags bulk.

Materials For Tote Bags

We use only durable and high-quality materials when we make our plain tote bags. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs so you can make a personalized bag – you can choose the perfect material for the intended purpose of your promotional canvas tote bags and produce something truly special. Remember when you’re creating your personalized tote bag design that you want people to reuse it over and over again – so be clever.

Custom Reusable Bags Wholesale

In addition to shapes, sizes, and materials, you can also choose a handle style that you believe will work for you. Your custom tote bags can be trendy or you can opt for function over fashion. You can choose from a variety of colors in wholesale canvas tote bags. They’re so easy to personalize, whether it’s for the ideas we listed above or even for a local sports team or birthday party. If you’ve searched our canvas bag collection and you don’t see the color that you’re looking for – simply contact us directly to discuss what we can do for you. We create custom reusable bags wholesale for businesses across the country.

Custom Printed Tote Bags

Customers love to get something for nothing, which is why promotional giveaways and canvas tote bags have become such a major focus for all types of businesses. Of course, some of the more popular ones include personalized items, including personalized totes. Think about it – the more useful something is the greater potential for return on investment. This is where promotional canvas tote bags truly get their chance to shine.

Plain Tote Bags

Major supermarkets are now creating their own custom reusable bags – it provides customers with the opportunity to be greener and it provides them with an additional advertising route. Those customers take their new printed tote bags wherever they go to use them again – at yard sales, farmer’s markets, swap meets, and even bookstores. Which means that every time it comes out to get loaded up, other people are seeing that personalized canvas bag. Plain tote bags are also a great alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Personalized Zippered Tote Bags

Small canvas tote bags are a great option if you deal with smaller products, but you can also consider insulated lunch coolers and backpacks, too. Personalized zippered tote bags will help keep your personal items safe. Whether these are personalized bags for your employees to use or a product for you to sell. If you want to order your own canvas tote bag then you can put a small order in to test out your design and see how effective it is. Once you’ve done that you can put in an order for wholesale tote bags. This is a good way to create a variety of printed tote bags and trial them to find out what works best for you (and your business).

Custom Tote Bags for Everyone

We are reaching a point in time where just about everyone in the country owns at least one canvas bag. However, as you order your personalized tote bags wholesale we could reach a point where everyone in the country owns at least one personalized tote bag. You have an opportunity to set the trend and create custom tote bags that people will be proud to carry. Whether you choose personalized bags with quotes, a joke, logos or simply your brand name.

Custom Printed Canvas Bags

It’s so easy to create your own personalized tote bag – all you need to do is select your canvas tote bag and upload your design or an image and create your perfect custom printed tote bags. You can check out a preview and make adjustments so that your bulk tote bags are just right.

We’ll ship your personalized tote bag order to you as soon as we’ve finished printing them and done quality checks. If you wish us to use a specific courier contact us directly to discuss shipping options. It’s time to jump on the custom tote bag logo bags bandwagon and put your stamp on your local area (or beyond). With so many promotional bags to choose from you are certain to find the perfect style and design to communicate your message. Customized tote bags are a great way to solidify your company image and get your brand in front of as many faces as possible. Think of printed tote bags as small, walking billboards.

Canvas Tote Bags Bulk

When you get right down to it, printed tote bags are an amazing promotional opportunity – you have a large printing area to work with, which means there is plenty of room to include all of the relevant information to get your message across clearly. A personalized tote bag is a product that people will reuse repeatedly, which means it’s more effective than other marketing tools. Of course, let’s not forget that printed tote bags are eco-friendly, too. If you’re ready to get started on creating your own promotional bags you can shop the website, call us at 800-205-9005 or email us. We’re standing by.


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