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Trade Show Flooring


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Trade Show Flooring

Custom trade show flooring is the ultimate professional branding solution for marketing events and trade shows. Trade show display flooring for events like trade shows is simple to move around making it ideal for taking anywhere your business needs to go.

The Trade shows floor displays are the perfect opportunity for your businesses. It helps to connect with potential customers and collaborators, and while promoting your brand awareness.

These come in many different options depending on the type of booth you have.  An island booth will be different than a tabletop display. It includes carpet rolls and interlocking carpet squares, smooth finish vinyl interlocking floor panels. No matter which type of trade show flooring you decide is right for your business; they are all customizable. With our tradeshow flooring printing options, your brand will be front and center of every display.

Custom Printed Trade Show Booth Flooring

Do you want your brand to stand out from the crowd at trade shows and other events? Guide customers to where you want them to go with customized floor decals on your trade show booth floor. One of the best options for presenting your business branding is by applying completely personalized floor decals on your flooring for trade shows. Printed floor decals will engage people in your company branding. When combined with professional portable trade show flooring, your customers will remember your company presence.

What is trade show display flooring?

Portable trade show flooring is the solution for a professional looking for your next trade show or marketing event. Quality portable trade show flooring features customization on many levels. Printed trade show display flooring decals are constructed of a high-quality, durable vinyl material and printed using long lasting UV ink.

Our trade show floors can withstand large amounts of pedestrian traffic. It can be applied to trade show carpeting, trade show vinyl flooring, interlocking foam tiles, interlocking floor tiles wood, etc. Trade show flooring offers a professional touch to create a comfortable and inviting space to promote your business at trade shows and events.

Our trade show flooring designs will offer a professional means of advertising for your trade display in the direct vision line of anyone walking by. Our high-quality 3D floor graphics are skid and scuff proof, and they stick to virtually any surface, which means your portable trade flooring options can be tailored entirely. These easy to install graphics are not only effortless to clean, but they have an almost infinite range of uses.

Highlights include:

  • Flat
  • Smooth
  • Multiple colors available
  • Customizable
  • Printable
  • Brand Awareness
  • Portable
  • High-Density Material
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Very Durable


Different types of trade show flooring

If you’re looking at trade show flooring options, there are a range of different types you can choose from. Each of which can get transform with the right printing designs.

Printable Interlocking Trade Show Flooring Specs

Printable interlocking trade show flooring is a great low-cost option for your trade show floors. Not only that, but it’s also durable, fast and portable. It also provides a prestigious finish that you can use, and reuse, with next to no maintenance. You’ll find there are some color options available, which will guarantee your booth at the trade show has a look you want. Choose any base color or design, and then decide which graphic you’d like to have printed, which is where we come in.

Your interlocking trade show flooring is compatible with our custom printed 3D floor decals. Our precision CNC routers are useful in cutting the floor decals. That means that your imagination only limits the size and the shape of your design. They can be attached to wood, vinyl, and carpet with ease.

We can create removable floor decals for trade shows, 3d floor decals for temporary flooring over carpet, trade show carpet, wooden floor mat, interlocking trade show flooring, trade show flooring tiles, trade show wood flooring, and will quickly adapt to your 10×10 trade show flooring. Our custom Floor Decals can also be cut to fit stairs and pathways of almost any material, to create a completely personalized trade show experience.

Portable Trade Show Carpet

The most affordable option when it comes to trade show flooring, portable trade show carpet is generally available to purchase from wholesalers in rolls, and you can fit it into any booth space. You can buy it plush, standard carpet or super plush. Whatever options you choose for the style itself, the great thing about portable trade show carpet is that it leaves many design options available. Having your logo attached to the carpet is guaranteed to stand out from the crowds of people walking past – ensuring they pay attention to you, and your products!

Custom mats for trade shows

If you’re not interested in having your trade show booth floors fully carpeted with your logo, you might instead opt for a custom mat. These are ideal as a welcoming tool for potential customers and clients. If you’re working indoors, carpeted mats with a rubber backing generally look the best for trade show exhibits. If the show is outdoors, a full rubber option is ideal. There is a range of styles of custom mats available, and we can print your logo, images and other details on any manner you choose. Two of the most popular options include:

  • Duraplush mats are UV stabilized pile carpet that designs for high traffic. They are durable, upper contrasting and look the best with bright colors and they are available in a range of sizes, from 600mm x 900mm up to 1800mm x 900mm. Custom sizes are also available.
  • Anti-Fatigue mats – if you don’t want to be feeling rundown at the trade show, opt for some anti-fatigue mats for your display. These are great for standing on and are helpful to ease any pain in the legs when standing for long periods of time. They are great for the lower back and to help your feet   – and of course, with your logo or business message on them – they’re going to stand out from the crowd!

You could also opt for a counter mat or bar runner, for something smaller that you can place on your display cupboards. Generally, your floor mats are going to last up to 5 years, with wear and tear, so once the trade show finishes, take it back to the office!

Hardwood trade show floors

If your trade show venue has hardwood floors and you’re trying to decide on a design option, we can provide a range of printed and sticker options for your trade show flooring wood. These are ideal for temporary layouts and have a variety of benefits. Our floor stickers print to 720 dpi quality. Not only that, they’re water-resistant, they are fade resistant, and they are non-slip. As long as the floors are flat, you can place the trade show flooring decals anywhere you like. They are also easy to remove.

If you need any help with hardwood trade show flooring ideas, our team are on hand to assist.

Specialty flooring tiles for trade shows

More often than not, trade shows are in big buildings with cement floors, so if you want your space to look good – it’s up to you! One of the ways you can do this is by purchasing specialty flooring tiles. Often these are made of soft rubber or soft wood, but you could even opt for foam tiles. Whatever base you choose, we can help your space look amazing by providing the best design options for your material.

We have fantastic print and sticker options that will ensure your tradeshow space grabs the attention of those passing by. And one of the best things about tiles is that they are easy to install and remove. And generally, they are easy to clean! That means you can easily wipe away all the dirty footprints at the end of the day so that your display is looking 100% again on the next morning of the show.

Benefits of trade show flooring

Our floor decals and design options have numerous benefits for your next trade show, including:

  • Trade show flooring with logo can be used to advertise sales and direct people towards hot new products or trade displays.
  • Add signage, advertising, or imagery to the floor of your business, home or event
  • Easy-to-apply on all types of smooth surfaces
  • Chemical and scuff resistant
  • Available in any size, shape, and quantity you need
  • Great for your community advertising
  • Custom printed with any imagery you can imagine, including your branding.

Other types of booth flooring

Carpet Tiles

There are 100s of options for tradeshow flooring products.  Carpet tiles are a great way to produce tradeshow flooring.  Tradeshow carpet tiles can come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes.  A lot of this tradeshow carpet will come with interlocking tiles.  The only downside of using custom carpet tiles for your exhibit flooring is that you can stain your carpet and need to steam clean it.  Carpet tiles are one of the least expensive flooring solutions that we offer.  Most carpet is very thin so you may want to consider an anti-fatigue flooring underneath.


Shipping is critical to the overall cost of your flooring.  You may want to consider shipping cases with shock-absorbent foam to protect your flooring investment.  The union runs a lot of conference centers like the ones in Las Vegas so they may charge you a high price to install your flooring.

Best trade show flooring

There are so many options available that are guaranteed to help your business stand out. The key is to be innovative and original, to have bright colors but to also have a floor that is easy to install and maintain. You want something practical, and durable. And you want something that will last through the entire trade show and cope with copious amounts of foot traffic.

Choosing the right design to add to your flooring options is your second most important decision. Whether you are looking for trade show carpet tiles, wood grain, or a plush carpet, we want to be your goto display company for your exhibit booth.

Contact us now on (800)205-9005 or send us an email at [email protected] so you can start preparing the best trade show flooring option for your business.

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