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Trading Cards


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Trading cards have been around for decades and are perfect for handing out to friends and family or for business use. Trading cards typically feature images of people, sports stars, places or things & descriptive text about the featured image. For the trading card printing side of things, they are small cards made from paperboard or thick paper. Trading cards are important for networking, promoting goods and services, and providing relevant information to the target audience.

Uses of Trading Cards

Trading cards are not normal cards, they are symbolic in different ways. They can be useful as handouts, rewards cards, gift cards or collectibles.

Collectibles can be useful by companies for promotion by releasing to their audience who are willing to collect them. They work as a marketing and promotional strategy to set businesses apart from the competition. It should be relevant to the current issues or situations to make people curious to collect them.

As a rewards card, it will continuously remind your loyal customers that they need to return to your business more often. This is enhanced by the size of trading cards which will prompt them to put it in a visible place thereby working as a unique marketing strategy.

For gift cards, you can use the trading card for sales in holiday seasons. This will go a long way in promoting your services and products. If they are unique be assured that more prospective buyers will be willing to seek your company’s services.

As a handout, it can be handed out to customers or prospective buyers to make them aware of a special event or sale. Handouts can be useful including a coupon for businesses.

Types of Trading Cards

Boxing Trading Cards Printing

We make our boxing trading cards with 14pt cardstock paper or super thick premium 16pt. It ensures durability. Nonstop Signs offer a variety of printing options depending on the color combination and coating that you require. We always make sure there is accurate color accuracy as recommended by the reproduction of a clear image. We use a high-quality trading card printing machine for excellent results. Our trading card printing and packaging options have a great range to display your printed trading cards professionally.

Non-sport trading cards printing

This type of trading card consists of all kinds of formal or non-formal events that you may want to showcase. After creating the images, be sure that we will design to impress. In a formal setting, it will make the event or conference be memorable.

Special Occasions Personalized Trading Cards Printing

Special occasions vary from birthday parties, weddings or exhibition. In such events, many people often attend, and it can be a great platform to encourage networking and use the trading card for promotional purposes.

Photo Trading Cards Printing

Our advanced technologies will ensure all your memorable moments do not get lost. We make our trading cards from an eco-friendly material that meets the right standards. For this specific one, we offer a variety of coatings to personalize the trading card. Alternatively, you can choose from our variety of trading card templates for your photo gallery.

Football Trading Cards Printing

Our custom football trading cards printing options can be useful as promotional giveaways, gift cards or collectible gifts for football fans. This will work as a strategy for increasing the rate that people embrace doing physical exercises and physical education in schools. There are a variety of custom football trading cards printing card templates to choose from prior of personalizing and printing. We use a high-quality trading card printing machine for excellent results.

Custom Sports Trading Cards

These custom sports trading cards can showcase all kinds of sports that you may want to showcase. Trading cards can work well in promoting and advertising gyms or matches yet to occur. Our custom sports trading card printing and packaging options have a great range to display your printed trading cards professionally.

Printing Artist Trading cards

These types of trading cards are popular among the younger generations where they swap the artist trading cards online. We ensure that artist trading cards that we design are impressive and eye-catching, working great as promotional marketing gifts. This will help in increasing your business exposure.

Baseball trading cards

Our baseball trading cards printing pays close attention to all our customers needs to ensure no detail is missing. If you are a baseball fan be sure that we will provide a trading card that will not disappoint you. It can work well in uplifting a close person/family member to have the psyche of playing baseball and emerge a victor.We use a high-quality trading card printing machine for excellent results. We offer baseball trading cards printing services for any team.

Basketball trading cards printing

We offer basketball trading cards printing services for any team. If you need initials of certain teams, we can make it a reality for you. Our basketball trading cards trading card printing and packaging options offer a great range to display your printed trading cards professionally.

Professional trading cards paper

Trading cards have a variety of trading card printing paper coating options, ranging from the dull finish, gloss coating, no coating, full UV on the front, full UV on two sides, spot UV on back, spot UV on front, and UV coating. We use a high-quality trading card printing machine for excellent results. Our trading card printing and packaging options have a great range to display your printed trading cards professionally.

Here at NonStop Signs, we offer a variety of cheap trading card printing paper stock combinations for our trading card printing. We use trading cards papers for it is compatible with our printing machine. It is reliable and efficient for any design for printing out trading cards.

Types of paper

a) 14pt Glossy Cardstock (UV Front only)

If you settle for this, we will ensure the front coating is attractive and eye-catching bearing in mind that the back side won’t be UV coated. This technique is ideal for single-sided designs and artwork which shouldn’t draw any attention to the backside. The thickness of the trading card printing paper will ensure the trading card lasts long.

b) 14pt Glossy Cardstock (UV Both Sides)

The two sides are UV coated. It makes the design eye-catching and shiny. The advantage of this stock method is that the artwork will be easy to notice and bring out the glossy look better.

c) 14pt Uncoated Cardstock

The completed uncoated cardstock is one that makes the trading card to have a natural look without any finishing or laminate. They allow one to write on the card for its maximum absorption of ink. For this trading cardstock, dark colors should not be used with high-color density to prevent any color bleed. Lighter colors should be used to maintain its unique feature.

d) 16pt Cardstock Dull Finish

This kind of cardstock offers a non-reflective flat look that enhances the reading of the printed information. It has an elegant smooth finish, it resembles high-quality silk material. It gives the trading cards a subtler appearance for it is unique from the usual.

e) 16pt Glossy Cardstock (UV Front Only)

This cardstock is quite efficient for any trading card for it features a light shine, it is eye-catching and attractive. It is highly recommended for single-sided designs which don’t require any much attention at the back.

f) 16pt Glossy Cardstock (UV Both Sides)

Not like the one-sided cardstock, it features a noticeable gloss on the front and back. It can feature a two-sided design that will make the whole artwork look epic. It is a bit thicker contrast to the 14 point one.

g) 100lb. Textured Linen Paper

This is the thinnest among the other two (14pt and 16pt) enhancing its flexibility. It brings out a feeling of elegance and showcases the colors used well. It has a refined textured touch, it doesn’t require any finishes. This makes it easy to write on either of the surfaces.

Our Trading Card Printer

For all our trading card printing, we use an efficient printer that ensures all the colors come out as expected. If you need to print sports trading cards for a sports team, school trading cards printing, ceremony trading cards printing, trading card game printing, special person or object we pride ourselves on being one of the highest quality trading card printing companies around and strive to help you in the most effective way.

You may be tempted to design and print on your own at home, be assured it won’t come out clear, one done with a professional printer. Here are some of the benefits of relying on us for our custom trading card printing service:

  • NNS prices are favorable for any type of custom trade card printing. You will be amazed by the work we will do in comparison to how you would have attempted at printing trading cards at home.
  • Our trading card printer is quite effective and produces cards that are high-quality and quite attractive. You can easily see and feel the difference between the professionally made trade cards and those done at home.
  • We don’t print, we offer custom design services for you don’t have the actual design. We will ensure the work is professional enough at all levels.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer using trading card templates, we have a wide variety to choose from. Depending on your preference we will customize it to your own taste. Done with the personalization of the trading card templates, we professionally print the cards for you depending on the number you want.
  • Not all printers allow different kinds of papers; our printer is quite efficient and can print on all paper sizes.
  • We offer print on demand trading cards, non-sports trading cards printing, custom foil trading cards printing and custom printed playing cards printing.

Trading Card Printing and Packaging

Done with creating a unique design and print trading cards for you, we can offer cheap trading card printing and packaging options according to your preference.

Clear Cello Wraps – This can only wrap a minimum of 500 packs. For this option, you need to have a large order to ensure the packaging works for you.

Custom Foil Wraps (Unprinted) – This can accommodate from 100 to 500 packs.

Short Run Printed Prototype Wraps – This specific one can accommodate from 100 -750 packs.

Custom Foil trading cards Wraps (Printed) these specific trading card wraps can accommodate up to 1000+ packs.

Plastic cases – For this type of packaging, it normally accommodates 250 or fewer sets.

Why choose us for your trading card printing?

We have been in the industry for many years and are reliable and effective. Nonstop Signs offer an opportunity for discussion between the customer and design team prior of the printing of your trading cards commences. At Nonstop Signs, we use modern strategies to ensure we are up to date with current trends and technologies.

We accept your own trading card custom printing including artworks and designs. We offer consultations on what can blend in well with the other. Its hard to pass time and you want to enjoy come to time zone there are many type of card we provide including baseball cards, non-sports cards, business day , non-sport cards trading card template, team trading cards, autograph cards, pokemon tcg, pokemon trading card game , pokemon cards ,trading card set. You are collectors of card you will find some new in our cards. You just need to order few set of cards and start enjoying. Our deck of cards are not fake games or of cheap quality , it has wax packs quote and smoothness. Players will love it . you can say we provide a collectible card game.

Customized trading card printing is no doubt one of the most effective forms of brand awareness and product marketing around. You can enjoy the benefits of a modest difference and use them to represent the best means of brand awareness available. If you want to know more about how to order your customized trading card packs, contact us today for a sample or purchase your trading cards directly from our website using our trading card printing template.

Call us today at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your printing options.


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