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Truck Wraps

Our truck wraps designs are digitally printed directly to the material when conceivable, and we utilize the most elevated quality materials accessible, including UV inks.


At some point in your life, you’ve no doubt been driving along a highway and your attention is pulled away to the truck wraps passing by. Bright colors, great images, big logos – custom truck wraps are designed to grab attention and whether you own a single vehicle, or a fleet, investing in a truck wrap can change the way the world sees your business, literally.

Our team of designers can create spectacular truck wrap designs that will have your business standing out from any competitors – in fact, you’ll stand out from everyone! A great truck graphic can truly broaden your branding and help people to take notice of whatever service or products you are selling or delivering. Or if you’re considering getting a design on your personal vehicle, it is a great way to promote your personality!

Our Trucks Wraps

The wraps we produce are produced using high-quality vinyl and as such, they are weather resistant, which means you’re going to have a great looking trailer for longer.  Depending on the design you choose, you are bound to grab the attention of anyone passing by your vehicle, and opportunities like this are too good to leave behind.

Our truck wraps designs are digitally printed directly to the material when possible, and we use the highest quality materials available, including UV inks. We prefer UV inks because they don’t fade easily, and they generally dry immediately throughout the printing process. This means there are no toxic fumes being emitted throughout our workshops. We use state of the art printers, producing anywhere up to 1440 DPI resolution.

We offer a range of vehicle wrap graphics options, from full truck wrap kits to three-quarter wraps which cover most of your car, to half wraps which cover the rear and some sides (or just the sides), window wraps for the rear or side windows, and tailgate wraps. With so many options, it’s simply a matter of choosing which one is going to be best for your business.

Types of Wraps

We offer a full variety of types of wraps with a range of styles, sizes, and designs.  When it comes to marketing your business, making a good first impression is imperative to success. And by having a truck wrap design that captures attention, you’re going to stand out amongst the crowd. Not only that, but studies have found that when people have exposure to a brand more than 3 times, they are more likely to remember it in future. So if you’re driving down the same streets every day, people are going to remember you!  Here are a few of the most common truck vinyl wrap ideas that we see.

  • Camo truck wraps
  • Realtree camp truck wrap
  • Truck body wrap
  • Camouflage truck wrap
  • Digital camo truck wraps
  • Mossy oak truck wrap


Vinyl Wrap For Trucks

We can provide a vinyl wrap for trucks that are both clear and fully colored, and we offer a range of truck graphics that you can choose from – or you can come to us with your own design. We’re more than happy to assist and accommodate. Our vinyl truck wrap is also protected against fading and scratches, meaning your vehicle or fleet will remain in top condition longer. Not only that but if you do decide to remove the wrap, you can rest assured the original paint underneath will be protected well into the future.

Truck Tailgate Wraps

If you’re not interested in wrapping the entire truck, you might simply consider truck tailgate wraps. There are some amazing 3D designs available and you can create your own look. You might like to choose an American Flag truck wrap to show how patriotic you are. A camo truck wrap will give you an edge (and might help you hide from your prey – or your mates – if you’re heading out hunting for the weekend). Or you might choose to display your business logo or favorite quote – the options are endless.

Truck Window Graphics

It might seem strange to be covering your windows with graphics, but it doesn’t change your outlook from the driver’s seat. We can provide you with one-way see-through car window stickers are a fantastic way of promoting your business on your personal truck, or fleet of trucks. Not only that, because you’re not covering the entire vehicle, they are also affordable. Truck rear window graphics will draw complete attention to your business. Whether you design the rear window graphics for trucks yourself, choose from a template, or send us a photo to work with, we can provide you with a quality product that is high quality and long-lasting. We also print side truck window graphics.


Truck wrap pricing can really depend a lot on the design.  If you want a basic stock design then truck wrap cost can be anywhere from $2000-$5000.  If you are looking for something less expensive we do have premade truck wrap kits but we do not recommend these for businesses looking for a unique truck wrap design.  We love the look of cool truck wraps so if you have an idea, give us a call and lets talk about!


Truck Wraps Pricing

You’re probably wondering, how much does it cost to wrap a truck? In short, it’s not as expensive as you probably think – and we offer a range of styles of wrap and various sizes to suit all kinds of budget. If you have a large truck, you’ll actually find the cost to wrap your truck is cheaper than the cost to have it repainted. Not to mention, it’s going to last a lot longer, will be a lot easier to keep clean, and it will protect your trailer from any cracks or chips! Because every make of truck is different, truck wraps pricing varies, so your best bet is to talk to one of our experts for a quote.

How Does It Work?

There’s a process to ensure we do the job correctly, and for that – we need your truck! First, our job is to measure your vehicle precisely. Once you tell us where you want your truck wraps to go, we will measure the area so we can provide an accurate quote. Once you approve that quote, we’ll use your directions, your graphics and/or your ideas to create the right design for your custom truck graphics. We have a great team of graphic designers who will work on this part for you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. They will also use this time to discuss any problems that might arise from the images you have provided. From there, you can change or approve the design. Once it has been fully approved, we will start the production process. Finally, you bring your truck back to us and have your truck graphic fitted. It’s that simple.

Why choose vinyl wrap for trucks rather than paint?

There are a number of reasons we recommend vinyl wrap rather than re-painting your vehicle or getting a design painted direct. Firstly, you can take it off! Whenever you’re ready, you can have it professionally removed so that your car is restored back to its original condition. Second, they protect your vehicle from the sun, mud, rocks and other damage – which again, allows your car to remain in high-quality condition underneath. And finally, it’s more affordable and lasts longer. Having your vehicle re-painted can be expensive and you’ll find that in comparison, vinyl truck wraps are actually a more budget-friendly option.

How long does it take?

Generally, from the moment we get your order, creating your custom truck wrap will take a matter of days. We usually provide this estimate when we give you a quote, and generally, our timing is an average of 7 to 10 days from start to finish. For the final installation of the truck graphic, we will need to have access to your vehicle for 1-2 days.  For entire fleet graphics or an over the top custom vehicle wrap, we may need several days to install your wrap advertising.

How to look after your car wraps

Taking care of your vehicle wrap begins at home. Before you take the car to have it wrapped, make sure you give it a good wash first. Take it to the local carwash or give it a wash over at home, removing any dirt and mud, and ensuring it’s in the best possible condition and ready to be wrapped.

If you’re taking the time and money to invest in quality custom truck wraps, you want to ensure you care for them properly once the installation is complete. Taking good care of it will keep it looking bright and will guarantee you grab people’s attention with your design, well into the future. It’s recommended that you wash your truck regularly with warm soapy water. Don’t use harsh detergents as these could compromise the quality of the wrap. And finally, use a soft cloth – nothing hard and certainly no brushes. The better you care for your truck graphics, the longer they will last.

If you want to have your wrap removed at any time, simply bring your vehicle back to us. It’s not recommended that you try doing it yourself as you might cause damage to the paint that could be avoided.

How to find truck decals near me?

If you live in the San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, Nonstop Signs are your truck wraps experts. We have more than 26 years experience in creating and printing custom wraps, vehicle graphics, trailer wraps, fleet wraps, vinyl graphics, auto wraps, and signs for businesses across these regions (and beyond).

The most important part of custom truck wraps is that it provides your business with unique branding that you can’t get from a paint job.  Don’t get left behind in a tough marketplace, let us help you with concept and design so your truck stands out as a mobile billboard.  Stand out and get high quality wraps for trucks by contacting us today.  Shoot us an email or call us at (800)205-9005  and we’ll help you get your trucks off to a rolling start.



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