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Variable Data Printing


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So, what is variable data printing and why should it interest me? It’s a type of printing where we use special software to what is being printed. This means we don’t have to stop printing to change printed details (like addresses).

It commonly draws information from a database or a spreadsheet. However, thanks to the advancement of technology it’s also used to personalize text, graphics, and more. It means you can use variable data to make your marketing message as relevant as possible to the person who is due to receive it. It’s basically a targeted marketing approach, which is more effective than its generic sibling.

Why Use Variable Data Printing

If you’re looking for an innovative marketing tool then you’ll want us to answer the biggest question that’s in your head right now. Why use variable data printing? It’s a unique solution that allows you to fully customize your marketing. You can include the name of the person you’re targeting, as well as their address or even more personal details that you have that you want to grab their attention with. You can use it for use on postcards, envelopes, brochures, note cards, posters, postcards, catalogs, flyers, and more. As a variable data printing company, we talk a lot about how it provides you with a tool that can easily switch names and addresses while printing your marketing solutions.

In truth, when it comes to our auto print reckoner VDP variable data printing machine… that’s child’s play. We can take it further now with its tools available to us. We can change artwork, colors, text, and even background images, all based on particular triggers that we program into the software. Different types of customers can receive specific images, you can send personalized birthday cards to your customers, and even offer a special nod to loyal customers using VIP variable data printing to attract their attention.

Variable Data Printing

If you want to get noticed (isn’t that the point of marketing anyway?) then personalized marketing is definitely the way forward. One of the reasons that variable data printing is so effective is that people tend to read and engage with something that has been tailored to them versus a generic mailer. When someone checks the mail and sees a generic circular addressed to the occupier then it gets tossed in the trash right away. However, thanks to variable data printing you can guarantee that they will take a minute to read your postcard, brochure or flyer, simply because it has their name on it.

Advantages of Variable Data Printing

It’s the perfect way to scale your marketing efforts. Variable data printing and mailing is handy, whether you’re trying to reach hundreds of thousands of customers or just aiming for a hundred. Also, we can customize every single piece exactly how you want. And the best part is that it doesn’t really matter how few or many pieces of variable data printing business pieces you need. Its cost is still inexpensive enough to make it an affordable and also cost-effective marketing solution. This is just one of its advantages. The biggest advantage lies in the personalization aspect of variable data printing, whether it’s variable data printing postcards that you’re interested in or variable date envelope printing that you want to know more about.

Its only disadvantage is not taking full advantage of what it can do for your business.

Examples of Variable Data Printing

Wondering what you can do with this amazing marketing solution?

  • Variable Data Business Cards
  • The Variable Data Calendars
  • Variable Data Printing Postcards
  • The Variable Data Printing Envelopes
  • Variable Data Printing Barcode Printing
  • The Variable Data Printing Labels
  • Variable Data Printing Images

Variable Data Printing Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to take your variable data printing solutions to the next level? In addition to variable data printing and mailing, you should remember that everything is customizable. There are plenty of different types of variable data printing available, depending on your business.

You can send your customers referral cards using variable data printing which includes their purchase history. Or, you can send brand new customers a welcome letter, and even include photos of the team they’ll be dealing with. Alternatively, you can use it direct mail as a way to send loyal customers coupons. Thanks to the level of variable data printing formats you can send each customer a different coupon. One that is based on their previous purchases or buying habits. This will ensure greater impact and ROI.

Variable Data Printing Solutions

There is more to variable data printing than that, though, those are just some of the most common uses for our variable data printing tools. Some of the other uses of it include letters which include the signature of the person sending the letter. Also, discount offers based on their buying history, insurance that also includes access codes, letters that include necessary personal details like tax ID, client numbers, geographic locations, etc. The sky really is the limit thanks to variable data printing technology.

Consider some of these other effective large format variable data printing solutions:

  • Reward mailer
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Postcards
  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Rack Cards
  • Mailers
  • Booklets
  • Menus
  • Posters
  • Letterhead
  • Greeting Cards

Variable Data Printing Process

If it’s a shorter run of variable data printing you need then we have options to make things cost-efficient. Our variable data printing machine is high-end. It ensures there is no fuzzy printing or blocky appearance in your marketing pieces. This is just another one of the benefits of it. You have options when it comes to size, the paper stock, you have options when it comes to coating, to the run size. And of course, every piece of text is customizable. What better way to kick off a major marketing campaign and get the most bang for your buck than with variable data printing? This is how it works. We use high-end printing equipment and variable data printing programs that we program with specific details. This allows us to print different text on each marketing piece. Whether it’s names and addresses and background colors and images.

Variable Data Printing Growth

The entire purpose behind marketing is to grow your business. it’s all about spreading awareness of your products and services, highlighting special offers. Getting more people to your website or through your brick and mortar doors. One of the benefits of it is that personalized marketing can help you grow your business in a way that many other marketing tools can’t.

It is suitable for major chains and local, small businesses, too. It really doesn’t matter what size your business is, there are marketing tools available to help you grow. Variable data printing is just one of those. If you’re looking for advice and guidance on whether large format variable data printing is right for you or how its benefits may impact your business, get in touch with us for advice. We’re happy to talk you through the cost of variable data printing, as well as the benefits and advantages it offers your business.

Variable Data Printing Pricing

As far as how to price variable data printing, there are a variety of factors that we take into consideration. The first being the size of your variable data printing marketing pieces next is the size of your run. Of course, if you want different images on every piece then this may also affect its cost.  Its cost will go up with the more detail you want to be included. And of large format, variable data printing will also come in at a higher price. If you want to know more about its cost then contact us directly to receive your free quote. If you’re emailing, simply include all of the details you’ll be looking for in your variable data printing solutions and we’ll contact you directly with your quote.

Variable Data Printing Company

Are you ready to start your new marketing campaign and you’re in need of a professional variable data printing company to take the reins of your latest project? We’re standing by to tackle your variable data printing pieces, whether it’s calendars or postcards, we can handle it.

You can strike up a live chat with one of our trained technicians, call us at 800-205-9005 or email us with the details if you prefer. Variable data printing isn’t the only service we offer either. We produce a wide variety of signage and marketing solutions. So if you are in the market for any other products, take a look at our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have or provide you with advice, if necessary.

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