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Vehicle Wraps


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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. From camo vehicle wrap to transform your off-road vehicles to matte vehicle wraps colors to strike a certain aesthetic. There are so many different designs and ways that you can find in vehicle wraps you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition to standard vehicle wraps design options, you can also use wraps for advertising purposes. Whether you have a single company vehicle or dozens, wraps are a sound investment to advertise your business and grow your profits. One of the greatest parts of this investment is that it’s a long-term one. Your wrap will last for years to come, and it will be seen by everyone who walks or drives by your vehicle. That means it will be seen daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and by everyone who sees it.

Custom Vehicle Wrap

Here’s the thing about investing in a custom vehicle wrap. There are a lot of different options available to you, which means that whatever your budget or needs, we can likely fulfill them. A full wrap is designed to cover the entire vehicle – which means your message will be a dramatic one. We can also produce partial wraps if you want to cover a smaller area of your vehicle(s). There are also spot graphics. You may not realize it, but often when you see a matte vehicle it’s a full vehicle wrap that the driver has invested in. So, the next time you see a full matte black SUV on the street, you can appreciate the effort that went into achieving that look.

Now, think about the vehicles that you spot with advertisements on them. The most common places vehicle wrap is spotted includes buses, taxis, and company cars. You can really tell the difference between these professional finishes and DIY vehicle wraps. You may have looked into vehicle wrap pricing and thought the DIY route sounded better. However, the vehicle wraps cost is worth it when you compare the result between a professional finish and a DIY one. There is a lot of risk in doing it yourself. One of the biggest risks, of course, is that a poorly wrapped vehicle won’t last. So, the initial investment will be wasted.

Vehicle Wraps

You are interested in vehicle wraps sale, and we are happy to provide you with as much information that you want as possible. We can discuss your needs as well as your goals for advertising. You can let us know what your budget is, what you want to achieve with your wraps, and we can help you decide which wrap, or other product, is the most suitable for you. You may cost vehicle wraps and decide it isn’t worth it for you right now. That’s okay, we will make sure that you find a product that will do exactly what you want it to do, all while falling into your designated budget. Whatever you decide on the vehicle front, it’s a mobile billboard. You only need to pay for it once. Once you make that payment and your wrap is in place, it’s essentially a free advertisement that will last.

Vehicle Wraps Material

The vehicle wraps material we use is vinyl. In fact, many wraps are simply large vinyl stickers. It’s a complicated process and it shouldn’t be undertaken by just anyone. There is a lot to consider, which is why it’s something that you should always leave to the professionals. To design an effective advertisement is even more complex. So, before we embark on any vehicle wraps design, there are a few things that we do to make sure you get what you want.

  • Gather Information. Before we do anything we want to make sure that the information you provide us with is accurate. We have templates for you to customize, but it’s important that you get the right one. We take the design and ramp it up to scale. You simply send us your artwork and let us do the rest. Before you can produce a custom vehicle wrap we need your design and to know about your vehicle. If your vehicles feature any surface irregularities, then photos can help.
  • The inspiration. Once we have the technical information, we need to turn your vehicle wraps into a reality. You may have a logo or information ready to go, but what we need to know is what styles or designs you like. For example, you may want your logo to feature on the roof, doors, hood or backside of the vehicle. However, you may prefer a repeating pattern that covers the entirety of the graphic. If you want to include an image, then it needs to be a high-resolution photo. Keep it simple, so that people easily recognize it.

Vehicle Wraps Design

Now, it’s time to really tackle your vehicle wraps design. We have the vehicle information, your artwork, and images, it’s time for us to design the wrap. We aim to create the wrap as you have envisioned it, however, there will likely be slight differences. Wraps are a challenge to create, however, they are incredibly rewarding once you see the finished product. Many people attempt to undertake the design themselves. Just like it isn’t wise to apply it yourself, nor is it wise to attempt to design wraps on your own. Especially when there are professionals standing by, ready to make your vision a reality. Just remember to include the relevant business information if you plan to use wraps to advertise your business, that includes contact information. We can include your social media handles, website addresses, contact numbers, and even a QR code.

Vehicle Wraps Custom

So, you get the picture when it comes to using vehicle wraps for advertising. What about when you buy a vehicle and it just isn’t the color or design you want? It might be that you bought it brand new, but you got a good deal because the color wasn’t perfect. You may have purchased a used vehicle and it just wasn’t everything you wanted. Or, you might have gotten tired of your vehicle’s current color. It doesn’t really matter why what matters is we offer vehicle wraps custom. If you are looking to keep things fresh, you may want to consider choosing one of our color change wraps. You can go matte, keep it glossy, try out metallic or opt for a textured wrap instead. You will find a wrap that suits your vehicle and your personality.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Why would you bother with a new coat of paint when instead you can choose a vinyl wrap car? With a matte finish, you get a card that is slick and it’s on trend, too. There are manufacturers that offer matte paints, however, the cost is much greater than a wrap is. So, you can see why the matte wrap is such a popular option. So, you can stand out while fitting in and you don’t need to blow your budget to do it. While matte black is the most popular matte option, it’s not the only one available to you. You can go gray, try red or choose something totally different. The greatest part is you can remove it and try another wrap if you get tired of it. Better yet, we can even offer you wraps in various shades of matte metallic.

Vinyl Wrap Car

Did you just spend a large portion of your budget fixing up a classic car? Well, why not go for glossy vehicle wraps to finish the look? There are plenty to choose from, including the classic candy red, a sweet burnt orange or even a sunshine yellow. If you want your new ride to be as authentic as possible, check out which colors were most popular in the year your car came out. We can create vehicle wraps that work. If glossy doesn’t appeal to you, why don’t you consider a textured wrap instead? We can create wraps for your dashboard, wing mirrors, roofs, and the full car, too. We can produce embossed wraps, patterns, and more. Vehicle wraps make your car anything but ordinary.

Vehicle Wraps Graphics

Are you interested in vehicle wraps graphics? You can go with a full wrap, a quarter wrap or anything in between. We offer any and every option imaginable. If you want to get a free quote, contact us to discuss the vehicle wrap pricing calculator. You can get in touch with us via email, live chat or by calling us at 1-800-205-9005. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about wraps. Additionally, we offer a wide range of other products which may be more suitable for your needs. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full wrap to advertise your business, then you may want to consider window decals or magnetic car decals. Take a look at the rest of our website to see the other products that we can assist you with.


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