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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering has numerous utilization for business or individual purpose. Making Custom vinyl lettering can be incredible for business window signs, for custom car lettering or to put custom lettering quotes on your walls at home. Vinyl lettering is moderately economical to create contrasted with other vinyl sign choices.


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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering has many uses for business or personal use. Custom vinyl lettering can be great for your business window signs, cars, or to put custom quotes on your walls at home. They are relatively inexpensive to produce compared to other vinyl sign or sticker options. We can create and ship in less than a week, read below for everything you need to know!

Custom Vinyl Lettering Uses:

Window Signs

Window signs are a great use of custom vinyl letters. If your office needs a window sign, we can create your logo to any size or shape. You can use window sign vinyl letters as an indoor or outdoor business sign. A window sign is a great place to showcase your business hours on vinyl.

Car Lettering

Car Lettering and car numbering can be another great use of vinyl letters. You can use these to showcase your business logo, website or phone number.  It may actually be against the law to drive without your contractor’s license number on your car in some states. We can produce these in any size, shape or color.

Wall Lettering

Wall Letting can be a great way to show off your office or spruce up your walls at home. A lot of businesses use custom wall lettering for their core values and mission statement stickers. You can use wall letting to create a vinyl logo sign. If you are looking for wall lettering at home, you can create your quote for the kitchen or family room.

Vinyl Signs

We can put your custom lettering on just about anything including vinyl signs. We can turn anything in your business into a vinyl sign using our custom cut vinyl letters. For example, a restaurant who wants to personalized vinyl decals can use vinyl signs to create custom trash cans, custom countertops, custom tables, and custom bathroom signs.

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Vinyl letter stickers are great for handouts to clients. If you want to produce a few thousand custom stickers and ask your clients to place them on their cars, that may help your marketing. You can also use these stickers to label essential products in your home or office.

Custom Vinyl Lettering Options:

Vinyl Letter Sizes

We can create your custom text letter stickers to any size. The largest vinyl letters we’ve ever made were 8×4 feet! There are some size limitations when we are producing small vinyl letters; we recommend keeping the thickness of the cut vinyl at least .25″.

Vinyl Letter Colors

There are two ways to create your stickers. We can use pre-colored vinyl lettering such as white, red, or black. We have over 500 pre-colored vinyl colors to chose. The other option is to custom print and cut vinyl lettering to any custom color.

Vinyl Letter Installation:

Installing vinyl letters can be tricky. These are self-adhesive letters that are made to be extremely durable, so you have one chance to fit the lettering properly. When installing, we recommend having a squeeze, a strip of masking tape and a tape measure. Tape the top of the self-adhesive vinyl letters then slowly peel back the vinyl transfer paper. Starting from the middle out and top-down, slowly lay down the decal with the squeegee. Once the custom lettering installs, remove the vinyl transfer paper, and you have your new signs!

Wall Letters

Wall letters can be tricky to install because you can easily peel off the paint. We recommend measuring very carefully to make sure you get your vinyl wall letters in the right place the first time. If you are producing large letters for your wall, we recommend taping up all of the letters then installing them in sections from left to right.

Here is a video that shows how our vinyl letter cutting machine cuts your stickers.



Can you use vinyl lettering as letter stencils?

Yes, If you are looking for letter stencils, letter decals can be a great option. Keep in mind our letter decals are not repositionable, so if you are creating multiple letter stencils, then you will want to order several sets of letter stickers. Our company is excellent for producing custom letter stencils, but if you are looking for a generic letter stencil, I would recommend going to your local Wal Mart.

When ordering a vinyl sign for my office, does vinyl window lettering go on the inside or the outside?

90% of the time, we highly recommend putting your vinyl on the outside of your office window. Most commercial glass has a window tint so it will be tough to see your logo through this tint. Our vinyl window letters also have a glossy finish so they will stand out and attract the eye of potential customers who are driving around your office. If your office is in a high foot traffic location, you may be worried about your vinyl window lettering getting vandalized. In this case, it may make more sense to install your custom window letters on the interior.

Can you make custom vinyl numbers for my truck?

Custom vinyl numbers are a must for many commercial trucks. While you can always buy premade vinyl letters, custom vinyl truck lettering looks much more beautiful and will improve the look of your brand. We can create your vinyl numbers to match the color of your logo and the rest of your truck. Make sure you check the local, state and federal laws to make sure your vinyl numbers are the correct height. If you have any further questions on truck lettering, give us a shout!

Can you create vinyl calligraphy numbers?

Calligraphy vinyl numbers can be pretty hard to create due to the thin cuts, but it is possible. If you want to produce calligraphy numbers on vinyl, I would recommend building your file then sending it to use so we can double check to make sure the vinyl letters can cut.

What font can I use in my custom text?

We can create your vinyl lettering using any custom text or font. We have over 1000 fonts at our office, and we can use any custom text, custom letter, custom symbol, or a custom number to create your vinyl decals. If you submit your artwork, please outline the fonts on your custom text, so your adhesive lettering turns out correctly.

Can I produce decorative letters for my house?

We produce a lot of decorative letters for house and business environments. If you want your core values in vinyl or any other decorative letters in vinyl that is not a problem at all. You may want a custom quote for your decorative letters, send over the custom text, and we can create the artwork for you.

Can you make the number stickers?

We can make custom number stickers and custom vinyl numbers any shape and size. We do not recommend using our number stickers for sports jerseys or any other long-term application on cloth. Our number stickers are much better as vinyl signs for offices or vinyl signs for cars. If you need vinyl numbers for a phone number for your office, that would be a much better use.

How does the vinyl transfer tape work?

Vinyl transfer tape is a thin, low adhesive vinyl mask label that goes on top of your custom vinyl letters. The vinyl transfer tape allows you to keep the vinyl application straight while installing. Once you have established the sticker on your windows, peel back the vinyl transfer tape and throw it in the trash. We do sell rolls of vinyl transfer tape if you need some for a custom vinyl lettering project.

How do I remove my stick on letters?

Stick on letters can only be used one time so you should be aware of them before you remove the custom vinyl lettering. To remove the stick on letters, peel off a corner of the vinyl sticker then pull. If you are eliminating vinyl lettering decals for walls, be careful not to peel the paint off. If you are removing vinyl window lettering, it is generally safe to use a plastic utility knife but make sure you do not damage the tint.

How do I set up the artwork for my custom lettering?

Custom lettering is pretty easy to set up. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to prepare your custom letters. Choose your size, font, and color and save your custom lettering as a .ai file. If you are using pre-colored vinyl, then please submit an outline of your fonts. When producing custom prints, save the file with all colors intact and place the cut line on a separate layer.

What if I need to change one vinyl number on my window lettering?

Unless you ordered your vinyl from us, it is tough to match the size and color of just one vinyl number for your window lettering. A lot of people change their store hours and need new business hour vinyl. If you need to switch out 1 or 2 vinyl numbers on your window lettering, sadly we recommend peeling everything off and starting over. Most can fade and shrink over time, and it is almost impossible to match the old window logos with a new vinyl.

What is the proper spelling of custom vinyl letters?

There are common misspellings such as “vynal letters” or “vynel letters.”

Can you make vinyl letters near me?

Yes, we can!  We make everything at our production facility in Los Angeles, CA. However, we ship vinyl letters to anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. If you need window letters in San Diego, we can send our vinyl installers out to measure and offer advice on your custom vinyl lettering placement. If you need a vinyl sign shop in your city, we have installers in every state. Sometimes it can be weird to order vinyl lettering online, but we take every step possible to ensure you have high-quality custom lettering.

How long will vinyl lettering for windows last?

It should last at least three years and we’ve seen some last for up to ten years. The life of your stickers depends on the climate you live. Some people who order in Los Angeles have reported that their vinyl signs last up to 10 years due to the mild weather. Clients who request custom in NYC tell is the vinyl sign only continues about three years. One suggestion to improve the durability is to make sure the window cleaner is careful when cleaning your windows. If you are using these as car decals, car stickers or bumper stickers, you will probably see a two yr durability.

How do you make vinyl letter decals?

We make our vinyl letter decals buy purchasing large rolls of vinyl. Then we take that vinyl and put it through our vinyl cutter which drags a knife to create the cuts. We then remove the excess vinyl with is a process called “weeding.” Once we weed vinyl, we place vinyl transfer paper on top of the stickers and boom; your custom vinyl letter decals are ready for install!

What vinyl lettering options do you have?

There are a lot of different terms out there for vinyl lettering. Here are a few of the most common, vinyl stickers, custom stickers, custom vinyl stickers, custom decals, custom vinyl decals, heat transfer vinyl, decals, and stickers. As you can see, most of these are similar. Also, these can be work for anything from wall stickers to cut stickers to die-cut vinyl.

How do you design die-cut vinyl?

Save the design file with a pink layer where you want your lettering cut. If you are producing a printable vinyl, then please submit the die cut line on a separate layer. If you are using your die-cut stickers for outdoor vinyl, we recommend rounding all edges to increase the durability.

How is vinyl lettering made?

All of our outdoor vinyl contains a high-quality adhesive backing. We then take your files and custom die-cut your window stickers to any custom shape. If you want clear vinyl, we can use white ink or a heat transfer for production.

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