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Custom Wall Murals



Display your message, product or services with custom wall murals.

    • High-Resolution, Photo-Quality Printing, upto 1440 DPI
    • Change the atmosphere of any room or office
    • Indoor or outdoor applications and materials available



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Custom Wall Murals & Custom Wall Decals

When it comes to creative advertising spaces, few surpass custom wall murals regarding visibility and function. They can run the gamut from classy and sophisticated to loud and fun with just a quick change of color, message, and location. Creating a custom wall mural or custom wall decal for your advertising campaign can have a much more significant impact than traditional advertising mediums. With trompe l’oeil murals you can create a fascination to provide something that appears to exist and that adds a surprise factor.

Where can you use them?

Wall murals & wall decals don’t need to be targeted as advertising campaigns either. They can be used to improve the ambiance of your office buildings and even your bedroom or living room. The right custom wall murals can be just as effective as expensive art when it comes to making a place feel comfortable and inspiring for those who enter. Wall murals provide you with a multi-purpose way to interact with both customers and employees for a relatively low-cost single investment.



Uses for Custom Wall Murals & Custom Wall Decals

Wall murals are head-turning advertisements that can display a lot more information than traditional advertising mediums. They’re frequently used to wrap around construction sites and present information on the new business or residential properties that will be available. They’re the best option for covering your windows & walls during a new shopping center construction build. With wall murals & wall decals, you can display all of the vital information about your upcoming retail outlet and even give a full-sized preview without letting people see the mess inside. When potential customers walk by a storefront that has been covered by a wall mural, they get curious about what will be inside. Wall Murals are great to utilize in an office building or corporate office space.

Where can you use them?

Wall Murals also make for highly affordable, uniquely decorated rooms. You can opt for a variety of options with nature or even maps. Whether at home or in the office, a place that will be wrapped in one of our high-quality wall murals is going to draw a lot of comments. You can display motivational information and your company slogan in an office or wrap your child’s bedroom with scenes from their favorite cartoons and movies. These have endless possibilities, and with our talented design team helping you, your stunning prints are produced in no time.

Custom Wall Mural Printing

We print our custom wall murals with high quality and environmentally friendly UV ink. UV ink doesn’t fade in harsh lighting like conventional ink and dries immediately, so no toxic fumes are emitted during printing. Outdoor Wall Decals printed with UV ink will last for at least five years, indoors their lifespan is nearly endless. Our printed wall murals can also use laminate with either a glossy or matte finish for added style and durability. Laminate will make these last longer than their unfinished counterparts; they also display their images more vividly.

Wall Mural Designing

When it comes to the actual design of your Wall Mural, we have a talented and highly experienced design team on-site to guide you through every step of the process. Our printers can print images up to 1440 DPI resolution which is great for wall art. Whether you want a plain, solid color background with some text or a complicated artistic image, your price will be the same. We charge based on the type, quantity, and size of the material used, so you’ll never need to simplify your image to save money. Here at Nonstop Signs, we won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied with your Wall Murals.

Wall Murals, Wall Decals, Custom Wallpaper Materials & Sizes

Our wall murals, wall decals & wall wraps are generally made from a durable, waterproof, vinyl material, but other options are available for different mounting surfaces. Whether it’s a convenient, smooth wall or a porous brick or concrete surface, we can make a wrap that will adhere permanently and turn heads as people walk by for years to come. We can install your wall murals and wall decals anywhere. Whether you want to wrap an entryway, bedroom or the entire wall around a new skyscraper, we have you covered.

Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl Wall Decals are perfect for when you need a removable material that will still last a few years. Our vinyl decals are printed with UV or Solvent ink depending on your budget and the intended length of use. If used as a window covering, they will allow absolutely no light wholly and through hide what’s inside. This makes them great for bars or adult stores. They’re waterproof and can be laminated with a glossy or matte finish. We suggest using vinyl wall murals for permanent indoor and permanent or temporary outdoor displays.

Custom Large Wall Murals

Large wall murals can be produced at any size.  We’ve produced large wall murals 15 feet in height by over 100 feet in width!  We only create the panels in 5-foot sections then tile murals during installation to create a seamless installation.  If you are doing interior design, we highly recommend putting a mural on a large wall.  Custom wallpaper murals and wall stickers are much more beautiful than traditional wallpaper.

Wall Murals & Wall Decal Installation

We recommend that all of our Wall murals be professionally installed by one of our qualified Installers. You should not take installing wall mural so lightly. Because installing a wall mural is an art. You can ruin a whole graphic panel in seconds without proper training and technique.  If you install the custom printed vinyl wall decals yourself, please make sure that the painting is dry, and the surface is clean.

Caring for your new Wall Murals

We recommend using a non-abrasive cloth like microfiber and warm soapy water to clean your wall mural. You can use other cleaners, but to ensure you don’t ruin your image we recommend doing a spot test in one of the lower, less noticeable areas of your Wall Mural. Laminated Wall Decals can be cleaned with warm soapy water or window cleaners like Windex. For permanent installation, we suggest you use lamination. Due to laminating your image will never going to ruin while cleaning it.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 32 × 1 in
Size (H x W)

8 ft. x 12 ft., Custom



Do you create Photo Wallpaper?

Yes, we can take any photo you submit and turn it into photo wallpaper.  We can make that photo wallpaper any color, size, or shape!  Another term for this is photograph wall murals, but they are mostly the same thing.

Are your wall murals do-it-yourself?

No, our murals come with their adhesive but are very technical to install, our experienced customer service team will happily schedule an installer to be professional get the job done. We are recommending the unique custom wallpaper material so that you can install them yourself.

What are your wall murals printed on?

We generally print on custom vinyl murals. By the surface, you decide to adhere; we can produce a wide variety of custom printed murals using different materials.  Just contact our design team, and we’ll let you know what material will best suit your needs.  For commercial oversized wall murals, we have a fire retardant material. 

Are your wall murals pre-pasted?

Yes, our prints come with their adhesive and are peel and stick.  If you are looking for traditional custom wallpaper murals with no adhesive, we can produce those as well.  Traditional wallpaper can be a bit more expensive, and the images are not as crisp as adhesive backed wallpaper.  

Will these wall murals damage the wall?

If your surface has adhered, then our custom wall murals will not damage it. Consequently, the windows which are wrapped are required to clean and scrap with a razor. If your wall has been the wrap, then it will require to paint. In contrast, if you have drywall surface, then no severe structural damage will cause.

Can I install in a high moisture environment?

If your intended use is a high moisture environment, we will use air-release vinyl murals to ensure your image doesn’t warp or fade. Here at Nonstop Signs, we can make wall murals suit any environment.  We recommend pre-pasted wallpaper for any high moisture environment installation.  If you are producing custom wall mural decals, we recommend sealing the edges so the stickers will not peel.  

What material should I select for my wall decals?

Just let our design team know where you intend to have your custom mural installed, and we’ll let you know what your longest lasting and most affordable options are.

What size custom wall decor can you print?

Custom wall murals can be of custom width and height. We have no minimum size, but for a smaller image of custom wallpaper to the extent of only a few cms, we may suggest a better material like one of our clear stickers. As for larger sizes, we can seamlessly stitch together any quantity of a wall mural. If you do not want to cover the entire wall, we can also produce a wide range of wall stickers or wall lettering to fit a specific spot.   

How much will my wrap cost per square foot?

The unit price depends on the size of the mural.  Photo murals are the same price as full-color custom wall decor.  Please contact us with your intended dimensions and application for a free quote.

Will my image fit?

Personalized wall wraps require huge images that need a high DPI for more complex projects. If that sounded like gibberish to you, please contact our design team, and we’ll gladly walk you through the whole process.

What is the difference between a mural painting and wallpaper murals?

You can hand paint the wall art mural wall paintings, but wall mural wallpaper is a UV curable print picture from a digital printer.  As with any vinyl wall decor, you will need to be very careful installing the wall mural decals.

What about light switches and other objects on the wall?

Our talented design team will help you get the measurements they need so the Wallpaper Wall Murals will fit perfectly on any wall when our professional installers come in to install it. 

Can we use Virserum frame or ribba frame for the murals or custom wall decals?

Yes, you can choose any of the frames by checking the picture height and picture width along with the frame height and width. For photo wallpaper, you can use this.

Our team of expert designers can help you set the kitchen backsplash with the “image” or “pattern” or “look” that you want. You can turn your dark kitchen backsplash into a significant focal point by using our latest collection of tile murals.

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