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Wayfinding Signs


When you want to attract customers to your business, event or attraction; wayfinding signs are an ideal promotional option. Wayfinding signs help to guide people off the beaten track. They’ll take people from a main street, to your front door, simply by following a process. Whether you’re promoting a landmark, such as an historical building; to your music festival or tradeshow; or you simply want to direct people to your little shop in an alleyway. Wayfinding signs are a must for marketing.

How we wayfind our way

Wayfinding and signage are only effective if we understand what city wayfinding is and how humans use it. Most humans go through a process in order to find a location if we are lost.

  • Orientation: This is where we look around and attempt to figure out where we are by using a map or landmarks
  • Route decision: Here, a path to the destination is discovered and followed as we either backtrack to a familiar position and then move forward or go on a new path determined by the map
  • Route monitoring: Once we have the path in our heads, we either consistently look for landmarks on the way or look at the map to make absolutely sure we are heading in the right direction.
  • Destination recognition: When the destination is recognized and we head towards it.

Rules of Wayfinding signs

In order to have a custom wayfinding sign that is the most effective at directing clients towards your business, our company will build signs that follow these rules regardless of whether they are wayfinding signage interior or exterior:

  • The signs will be easy to understand: The biggest mistake creative wayfinding signs and custom wayfinding signs make is that they try too hard. Wayfinding signs should be a simple word or picture of the destination, and simple directions (such as an arrow) to get there. There is no need for overly decorative wayfinding signs.
  • The signs will only show what is needed: An arrow and a picture are all that is needed for some signs, like event wayfinding signs or a number and street name for others, but all have no unnecessary information unless it is required for the person to get to the location safely.

We will ensure your sign meets one of these four categories to be effective:

  • Gives information: These signs show destinations, for example, a sign that says: “Library here”
  • Directional signs: wayfinding directional signs display information to help you find a destination, mostly in the form of arrows or place names
  • Identification signs: Signs that display information about locations such as healthcare wayfinding signs or wayfinding signage interior
  • Signs that provide warnings: These signs give safety rules and procedures, such as emergency exits, rules specific to the building (such as a no pets or no smoking sign) and signs warning of danger (look out for falling rocks)

Interior and Exterior Wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signs can be used as exterior wayfinding signs or as wayfinding signage interior for a building. For example, church wayfinding signs and wayfinding signage in hospitals has become increasingly popular as wayfinding signage interior for a building, while event wayfinding signs and community Wayfinding signs have been used countless times in towns and cities.

Library Wayfinding Signs

One of the most unexpected places you would expect our company to place wayfinding signs is in a library, as wayfinding and signage in library design are very important.

For most libraries, the wayfinding directional signage is not done well and libraries need to take these things into consideration when designing the signage for their space. Using minimal wayfinding directional signage, our company will stop patrons from becoming overwhelmed and will allow them to find a book or section of the library easily. Using ‘bump points’ which are points where people naturally slow down to take in their surroundings, also work as points where signs can be placed to guide people in a specific direction and we know how to recognize and use those.

Healthcare Wayfinding Signs

Another place our company can make wayfinding signs is by using wayfinding signage in hospitals and healthcare wayfinding signs. Most hospitals are very big and have several sections or buildings, and the visitors and patients are often under stress. A clear wayfinding system of room numbers, sections, and places to go depending on the medical emergency is necessary to get everyone to their destination with minimal stress, and most hospitals use picture and color-based healthcare wayfinding signs and signage to help everyone understand where they are supposed to go.

In addition, our wayfinding signage team does their best work with community wayfinding signs. This includes church wayfinding signs that help guide people, especially newcomers, through a potentially large and crowded church in order to help them find the services and rooms they need quickly and efficiently.

The design of a wayfinding sign

For your business, building wayfinding signs is an important step in order to attract the maximum number of people to your business. Once you understand the basic rules of making a sign and know what its purpose is, our company and wayfinding and signage consultants will ensure your wayfinding signs design follows these guidelines:

The font will be legible and give information that promotes movability. For example, a sign with an arrow saying “Turn left” is much easier for someone to understand and carry out than a sign that says “Turn left and then go east”.

Every wayfinding signs design for a particular business should look alike. They should have the same font, color scheme, logo and materials. This will give people something predictable to look for as they move from sign to sign in order to get to their destination. Or they might not even look for it and simply know on instinct that your signs are the ones they need to follow, which is the best thing for wayfinding directional signs.

Our wayfinding directional signs will also be visible from a distance or point the way to landmarks that are visible in order to help people orient themselves. Digital wayfinding signs, such as interactive maps and kiosks, are an example of signs that can be easily seen and interacted with when placed at multiple points.

Accessible Wayfinding Signs

Finally, all of our company’s signs, both physical and digital wayfinding signs, are accessible by all users, including children, adults, and the disabled. We consider sign height and even make Wayfinding floor signs, that can be seen from a wheelchair, especially if your wayfinding sign is for a park or other public place. The signs we design are also simple enough for people who are just learning or do not speak English as their first language. Pictures and directional arrows that are universally understood help with this. We can make your signs applicable to all levels of the English language.

Wayfinding Signs Designs

Making the signs easy to spot amid a crowded street or busy building is also a must, which is where our custom wayfinding signs, wayfinding floor signs, and curved wayfinding signs really come in handy. Curved wayfinding signs can be placed on the exterior or interior of a building. They can also be placed on walls, overhead, signposts, or can even stand on their own and display any information you need them to. Curved wayfinding systems not only look nice but also showcase the information in a cheap and easy way.

Why Choose Us For Wayfinding Signs?

If all the rules, laws, and recommendations for creating the wayfinding signs give you more stress than excitement about using them for your business, contacting our business to produce these signs is definitely the best option. We are up to date on the laws and regulations on these signs. We also know the best way to ensure they are noticed and able to be understood by the maximum number of people.

The signs can also be produced in various sizes and designs depending on where they will be placed and what information they are giving the public. We will work with you to find a wayfinding sign that will meet all your needs as a business owner.

If you are looking to start a business anywhere in order to do anything, especially in a crowded area, wayfinding is something you must consider. Whether your office is big or small, wayfinding signs can help people get into the business. And then get around to various parts with no confusion or trouble. Having our team design the signs gives you peace of mind to do other things with your business.

Get in touch with our experienced team today. Give us a call on 800-205-9005 or get in touch via our contact page. We’re waiting to take your order.



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