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Window Decals


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Custom Window Decals Details

Window decals are a flexible option for decoration and even advertising. These stickers adhere easily to glass, making them ideal for car windows and even storefront locations. Our window decals can be printed in any size, shape or color to fit your needs.

To find out more, you can use the online form to reach out to our design team. In addition, you can strike up a live chat, email us or call us at 1-800-205-9005.

Custom Window Stickers Specs

We print window decals in any size or shape. In fact, we cut our glass decals to size. Basically, we can cover any type of window surface! We’re also able to print our decals with weather-proof, waterproof and sun resistant inks that resist fading or peeling.

Custom Window Decals FAQ

What are window decals used for?

You might order this product for a ton of reasons. Perhaps you want to make your vehicle into an advertising tool for independent business. A major reason you might do this is that you or your fleet of company cars spend a lot of time on the road. While you’re driving from place to place with car window decals, you could be providing free advertisement!

In addition, large window decals for a storefront are a cost-effective signage option. Furthermore, large-scale designs that are visible from the street or sidewalk will draw in curious passerby!

How do you remove window decals?

Removing window decals usually depends on how long the adhesive has been on the window. You can remove recently installed stickers with warm water and a putty knife. If the decal has been on for a much longer time period, white vinegar or a commercial adhesive remover might be the trick WD-40 helps to take the vinyl sticker off, too!

How do you store vinyl stickers?

If you haven’t used your sticker yet, store it in a cool dry place without opening the container it arrived in. This prevents dust and grime from getting on the sticker, which will make it less likely to cling to your window. If you have used the decal and are carefully removing it from your car window or other location, stick it back onto the original packaging it came in. If you no longer have that packaging, then use a hard plastic surface like a container lid.

Will decals stick to anything besides glass?

Window decals are used on glass. They stick to other surfaces with adhesive. However, many window decals are meant to be applied from the inside of the window. Therefore if you applied it to a non-transparent surface, it would appear backward.

Will car window decals obstruct my view?

Our team also provides perforated rear and side window decals. The benefit of perforated designs is that you can see out easily, but the nature of the sticker is that people looking at your vehicle will only see the graphic or image. Companies often use these on buses, taxis, and vans.

What do I need to design a window sticker?

In order to expedite the process of designing a window decal, make sure to do the following:

  • Measure your window- Make sure you have accurate measurements for space. This often means measuring twice, just to be sure!
  • Plan to use large fonts- Large, bright fonts are easy to see even from farther away.
  • Simplify- Simplify your message, brand, logo or image.
  • Decide on the material- Transparent window decals are our most popular options, but we also offer perforated decals that preserve design integrity.

Can I use any type of decal on my tinted window?

You’ll use outside decals if your windows are tinted.  Outside decals refer to vinyl stickers that cling to the outside of the glass, with the adhesive on the back. Inside stickers have adhesive on the printed side. When you’re installing, you’ll do it from inside the window. Tints will obscure the design and make it difficult or impossible to read.


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