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Wine Labels

Custom wine labels are the perfect touch for a variety of special events, celebrations and even resale. We can create labels in traditional sizes or completely custom, as well as producing neck wraps and seals.


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Custom Wine Labels Details

There are many reasons you might need bottle labels. Perhaps you’re creating personalized bottles for a special occasion, such as a wedding wine label or a birthday wine label. Maybe you’ve decided to open your own winery and are branding your bottles for the first time. Luckily, we’re here to help with printing your wine stickers. We can even help you with a professional design for your custom wine bottle labels.

The process is easy. You can choose from existing wine label templates or work with our team of graphic designers to create a unique design. Upload your artwork, approve the proof and voila- you’ll have your custom labels in no time!

Custom Wine Bottle Labels Specs


Our printing tech allows us to print high-quality graphics on your labels. High-contrast black and whites are available as well as vivid colors that won’t fade!


Here are the specs of some of our more common wine stickers to help you determine the best fit (no pun intended):

Full Wraps

Full wraps stretch around most or all of most bottles. They fit logo, flavor, manufacturer information and ingredients all the way around labeled wine.

Volo Labels

Volo labels are useful for all bottles as well as larger beer labels. These tags are 3.5″ x 4.5″, creating a “portrait” style label for the front of a bottle. While volo labels are excellent for showcasing a logo, as well as varieties of brews, most winemakers use these labels on bottles of “Bordeaux” style bottles. These include cabernet sauvignon, burgundy and merlots. Additionally, red blends fall in this category.

Tear Drop Labels

Teardrop labels are the same size as volo labels but are landscape version. Producers typically use these for sparkling varieties, like champagnes or proseccos.

Square Labels

Square labels are versatile and considered a universal bottle size at 3.5″ x 3.5″.

We also offer mini sized wine bottle labels.

How do you print labels?

Although you can print labels in-house, it’s often simpler to outsource it to a professional printer who can produce thousands of stickers at once. The process begins with deciding what size of label you need. Then, you can either use an easy template in the specs provided to upload your artwork or work with a graphic designer to create a custom sticker. Finally, you’ll decide how many you need, and the order will be sent to print!

What should I include on my label design?

When creating labels for your own wine, you should include most or all of the following information:

  • The name of your wine
  • The type of wine it is and the region
  • Keywords to describe the flavor profile
  • Bottling date
  • Alcoholic Content
  • Company information

What agency approves label information and design?

The Alchohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is the governing body that approves wine labels. Basically, they govern claims on bottles to ensure that the contents are not misleading or harmful to consumers. A comprehensive list of the requirements and approval processes for custom wine labels is found here.

What size wine label do I need?

The size of the sticker that will work best for your product depends on the size of a bottle you intend to label. Basically, there are a few standard sizes of bottles that will influence your decision, depending on the variety of wine. For example, Bordeaux bottles are often tall and skinny, while champagne bottles have a wide, short base and a narrow neck.

What paper is best for wine labels?

Choosing the paper that you use for your labels makes a difference. Glossy paper often makes the ink more prone to run during condensation or refrigeration. Matte paper will hold onto the ink much more easily. It’s also important to select the appropriate type of ink whether printing at home or choosing a commercial printer. Laser ink is water resistant, but regular printer ink smudges easily in the same conditions. To ensure that you have high-quality labels, consult with our sales team. We’ll be sure to cover minute details, like waterproof labels, depending on your vision.

If I’m ordering my own custom wine labels, do I have to order a large amount?

You may be a little worried that your idea for a cool home wine creation, birthday wine label or Christmas gift might cost quite a bit. After all, you might be assuming that we only provide stickers that are intended for resale. That isn’t the case! While we do have a minimum order total regarding dollar amount, you can order as many or as few of your own wine label as you like. Now a custom touch for your special event or even corporate gifts are possible!

How do I remove labels from wine bottles?

Removing labels from beverage bottles is easy. To begin, we recommend doing large batches at a time to keep the process efficient. Then, gather all the bottles that need labels stripped. Submerge them in a large container or bucket filled with water and add dish soap. Allow the bottles to soak for 24 hours, and the labels will practically fall off. Finally, you can lightly scrub each bottle, dry them and reuse for another batch. Now that’s what we call recycling.

What font should I use on my wine label?

Your color scheme will affect your fonts, so it’s important to figure out color scheme before looking at font options. Generally, wineries offering classic flavors and grapes use scripts or serif fonts that evoke a feeling of history. New, hip wines with experimental flavors and methods use bold type or sans serif to convey a contemporary flair.

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