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X Stand Banners

X banner stands get their name since when set up, the flag stand outline resembles the letter X. This style of stand is to a great degree lightweight and basic with a notoriety for being the best choice for clients searching for shoddy flag stands. These are a great option for large promotions because of their inexpensive costs.


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X Stand Banners

X Stand Banners are a great indoor banner stand option for tradeshow displays or in-store signage. Our x stand banners come in 2 standard sizes. X Stand banners are one of the least expensive portable frames for banners. Any image or custom artwork can be printed on our x stand banners. You can setup x stand banners in less than 60 seconds.

X Stand Banner Design

You should always use a professional graphic designer when creating your x stand banner design. If you do not have a designer, we can assist you with your x stand banner design. We recommend using our free x stand banner templates when creating your x banner stand design.

Artwork for X-Banner Stands

We recommending using our template for all x-frame banner stands. You can view details of the graphic size on our templates page. Submitting the correct artwork will increase the turnaround time for your pop-up banners and tabletop banners. If you are printing a double-sided x-stand banner or a-frame stand then please submit 2 files, 1 for each side.

What is the X banner standard size?

We stock 2 different x banner sizes. Our small x banner standard size is 24×62. The large x banner standard size is 31.5×79. You will need to save the artwork for your x banner at our standard size so it is printed properly.

Is this the best option for a vertical banner stand?

We have several different vertical banner stand options. The X-stand banner is the least expensive option when it comes to vertical banner stands. We consider the x-stand banner to be a temporary sign solution. If you are looking for a long-term vertical banner stand then I would look at our retractable banner page instead of our x-stand banners.

How do I set up my X banner stand?

These x banners are so easy to set up that you do not need x-stand instructions. The x banner stand is very easy to set up and should take less than 60 seconds. First, Unpack the x banner stand and lock the x stand hardware into place. It should sit like a big banner tripod. Next, attach the x banner stand to the vinyl banner utilizing the corner banner grommets. The x banner stand will lean back a bit but the x frame banner should be stretched very tight. When you are ready to take apart your x banner stands, just follow the instructions in reverse. Make sure to be careful when you are rolling up your x frame banner so it does not wrinkle.

What material is the x banner stand printed on?

Our x banner stand is printed on a durable outdoor vinyl. We use scratch resistant UV inks when we print x banner stands so your graphic will not fade over time. Your x banner stand is currently only available with a single sided option. The x banner stand will come with a matte printed finish to reduce glare. If you want a glossy x banner stand, please make sure you let us know prior to production.

Can I order a replacement x banner?

The great thing about your x banner is you can order as many replacement graphics as you want! A lot of our clients change out their x banner for seasonal sales or product upgrades. The x banner only takes about 60 seconds to switch out. If you plan to order multiple x banners, please make sure you keep them stored in a safe place so the x banner doesn’t get damaged.

How long will my xbanner stand last?

As we mentioned before, xbanner stands are really not a long-term solution. Traveling with your xbanner stand a lot may damage your x stand and I would recommend a different product. If you plan to leave your xbanner in 1 location then it should last a year or 2. If you lose or damage your xbanner stands, we can send you replacement xstand hardware.

Do you have an adjustable x banner stand?

We do offer a heavy duty adjustable x banner stand but they are more expensive than the options above. These are printed as a custom banner and not in bulk with other banner stand displays. Adjustable x banner stands are the same size as our large x banner stand 24 x 72. The adjustable x banner stand can be reduced to x banner stand 24 x 63.

Do you have a Recyclable bamboo x stand?

We do have a green-friendly x stand option which is a bamboo x stand. These non-retractable banner stands have very strong construction and are the market leader in recyclable displays. The banner for the bamboo x stand is still printed on the same vinyl material. Bamboo banner stands only come in 1 size at this time.

Do xbanner stands come with a carrying case?

All of our stands come with a soft carrying bag. If you want to order an Expand Quickscreen display, they come with a hard carrying case for shipping. You will want to make sure that your printed banner is safe and secure in the case. When the adjustable height is adjusted all the way up, the viewable area of the height of your banner should be about 6′ tall.


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